ATIS staking ecology is about to materialize the global value consensus

ATIS staking ecology is about to materialize the global value consensus

As a popular blockchain project in 2020, the ecological development of ATIS is the fastest in the same industry. Atis Co-developers Alliance has just completed the chain service of Defi decentralized financial loan mortgage, and has been at the forefront of the industry. In order to further improve the consensus system of node value, ATIS redefines the token model of blockchain, and will start the mining plan of decentralized distributed light node Staking.

Staking is a specific behavior in the consensus class of Pos rights and interest proof, that is, the token holder pledges the token to get the Staking reward, and makes use of its rights and interests to get the corresponding income. Moreover, this node replaces the user to mine, and distributes the user after generating income. However, the holder always holds the holding right of his or her own currency, which will not be changed by the entrustment action.

1,Increase user participation and viscosity
Through the compound profit model of Staking, the platform can increase users' participation and viscosity, which is quite different from the practice of subsidizing users by service providers in the public chain under the traditional Pow consensus, and is also favored by the market.
2,Its incentive algorithm can make the user group profitable in the quality experience.
Staking's technology platform gives more opportunities to connect with the new ecological users. The same is true of good development in the new ecological circle. Atis is also one of the innovative projects with its own ecology. Like staking, its incentive algorithm can make users gain profits in high-quality experience and help promote financial economy. Let the co-developers alliance have enough time to develop more connections between circulation ecology and new things, and make it self-contained, perfect and independent.
3,Make up for the business operation mode and system from technology and ecology
In the new era, the products of new ecology such as blockchain make circulation development more possible. The emergence of staking and Atis platform makes up for the business operation mode and system from the technology and ecology, and makes its application field wider. The connection with the times makes it unable to be eliminated quickly. The exploration and development of various industries with roots and tentacles also makes it stand out in popular operation. The unique advantages of the platform, its development space and future are promising.

In the staking ecology, there is a concept called coin age. For example, users have stored 100 coins in the blockchain node, and the storage time of these 100 coins has been 10 days. In this case, the coin age equals 100*10=1000. What's the use of this coin age? In fact, when a block is generated, for example, a user finds a block, so that the user's coin age will be emptied, and every time the user is short of 365-coin age, he or she can get 0.05 coins accordingly. Of course, different blockchain networks can be different. In this case, in an example, add a block discovered by a node with 1000-coin age. Users can get 1000*0.05/365=0.137 coins, which is actually equivalent to real-life banks. As long as users have money, there will be interest. Obviously, in this mechanism, the more coins a node owns, the greater its income.
The existence of staking is no longer a precedent. The rise and development of Atis project is similar, not only because of the platform construction of the project, but also because it can help digital assets to trade better. The mechanism and use of system encryption algorithm can be better traded and exchanged on the platform, which greatly promotes the economic development. The existence of incentive algorithm in its independent consensus mechanism also makes participation and higher user viscosity. The connection with various industries is not only a symbol of the development of the times, but also drives the economic development of all walks of life. The linkage of their fields and the possibilities contained in their development make them have unlimited possibilities besides their own ecology.

Atis can be said to be a perfect version of staking. More systems and perfect framework space can continue the development of currency circulation and domain interaction besides participation, which is not only promising in the future, but also widely recognized by the industry as a new project. The ecology of Atis chain will develop more products such as Defi games and entertainment, exchange wallets, etc., and include more Dapp construction, so as to truly reconstruct the ecosystem of blockchain and promote the development of the industry.

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