ATi Studios Launches 48,000 Hours of Language Learning in a Single App – Mondly

ATi Studios, creator of popular language learning apps Mondly, is announcing a new Mondly app that teaches 24 languages on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With Mondly,

ATi Studios, creator of popular language learning apps Mondly, is announcing a new Mondly app that teaches 24 languages on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With Mondly, people learn languages faster in a fun and engaging way by practicing authentic conversations in a highly interactive app. Continuing Mondly apps’ legacy for ease of use, playfulness and real-life results the new Mondly app is available now on the Apple App Store as a FREE download for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

See how easy it is to learn a language in this trailer:

Mondly helps people speak a new language by focusing on full sentence communication, rather than isolated words, which makes people learn to communicate faster. To keep users highly engaged the app is designed like a fun, addictive game: learners progress through lessons, complete tasks, earn achievements, unlock new content and compete with friends. Crisp and clear audio recorded by professional voice artists combined with beautiful graphics, creates immersion into the language right from the start.

Using real world conversations, users record their voice and become part of the action.

Recorded conversations can then be practiced even while running or driving.

Mondly iPhone and iPad apps have been downloaded 1,300,000 times in the last year and have consistently held the top spots in the Education category of App Store reaching top 10 in Education in 50 countries. The apps boast an average 4.75-star rating in the iTunes App Store from more than 7,200 iPhone and iPad customer reviews.

Mondly teaches 24 languages not just to English speakers but people speaking 20 different languages, offering 480 different courses in one single app.

Each course teaches 5,000 words and phrases over 100 hours split in hundreds of interactive lessons. In total Mondly offers 48,000 hours of language learning in one app.

The launch is primarily focused on the unification of all 24 languages into a single app, with a more refined design, extra features and an Apple Watch app adding further value to Mondly users.

Mondly Key Features:

High Level Engagement – Progress through the lessons, earn achievements and unlock new chapters. Compete with friends. Receive free daily lessons to keep coming back for more.
World class speech recognition – Mondly includes a speech feedback engine featuring Nuance speech recognition technology that identifies errors and helps correct the learner’s pronunciation.
Adaptive Learning – As users learn so does Mondly. The app will adapt the lessons to user's specific progress and needs.
Hand crafted lessons – created by language professionals, with editorially-curated images and native voices recorded by professional voice actors
Localized in 20 Languages – people from 70 countries can use the app in their own language.
Apple Watch app – Mondly for Apple Watch helps user learn hundreds of words from each of 24 languages

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