At Cornell Capital Holdings LLC, Clients Don’t Need $50 Million In Assets To Receive Sophisticated Financial Services

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After 13 years working for one of the largest financial services companies in the world, Dana Cornell, managed $1.4 billion in client assets as an executive director. He was tapped to lead a new division focused on ultra-high net worth families. “But what about the ‘comfortably rich?’” Cornell thought. “They’ve outgrown their retail advisor, but they can’t get the financial services they need to continue to build net worth.”

In 2021, Cornell founded the private investment firm Cornell Capital Holdings LLC to fill that gap. The centerpiece of his approach is his “reverse financial plan,” which challenges the traditional investment scheme: Save first; create cash flow later. He advocates for his clients to buy cash flow early by adding alternative investments to their portfolio.

“Alternative investments like private equity, real estate, and debt are completely decoupled from the conventional categories of stocks, bonds, and cash. This greatly improves diversification within a portfolio, better protecting you from market volatility,” explains Cornell, who now has clients in 40 states and $300 million in assets under management.

In addition to keeping investors off the Wall Street rollercoaster, Cornell’s reverse financial plan can help provide immediate cash flow, is flexible, and works to produce dividends as real estate assets appreciate in the long term. Importantly, the advanced tax benefits may save about 40% of annual taxable income.

An essential benefit the plan produces is increased liquidity, which helps families adjust more easily to changes in their lives. The disability or death of a breadwinner, for example, interrupts normal cash flow, adding unnecessary stress on the family. Recently, Cornell worked with the family of a man who died unexpectedly. Equities comprised 80% of the man’s portfolio, which had a realized rate of return of only 4.5% in the last seven years, and he was paying too much in taxes. His widow needed income right away and a plan to support her for the rest of her life. In just two and a half months, using just 40% of her liquid assets, Cornell helped increase her income by 300%, and she regained about 50% of what was lost to taxes.

A Sound Strategy

Cornell believes buying cash flow sooner rather than later can be a beneficial part of clients’ financial plans. Working closely with a client’s team of lawyers, accountants, and insurance brokers, he aligns the financial picture. Working on a fee-for-services business model, he looks at several solutions, recommending those that seem to be in clients’ best interests.

To generate passive income and outsized returns, relative to publicly traded investment options, Cornell and his team strategically use private equity, real estate, and debt offerings. The team can help diversify assets and income streams through investment opportunities like acquisition of established small businesses, new development and value-add real estate in multiple categories, and various private lending opportunities in both categories. Throughout this process, Cornell and his team monitor each asset, looking for weak spots and opportunities to help maximize returns.

“Replace your income with passive income investments that still have the ability to grow,” says Cornell. “The peace of mind is life-changing.”

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Name: Dana Cornell
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Organization: Cornel Capital Holdings
Address: 125 South Union Street Olean, NY 14760
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