Asura Hosting Launches Superfast Solid State Drive Web Hosting At Just One Dollar A Month

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Asura Hosting is offering the fastest web hosting services available for the lowest possible prices, with individuals able to buy a year’s SSD hosting for just ten dollars.

Web hosting is the foundation of any online business, and having a reliable and fast host capable of delivering a seamless experience for users is essential to converting leads into sales. The very best hosting available however is very expensive: Solid State Drive offers a much faster and more reliable experience, but comes at a premium from most providers. Asura Hosting are turning that price/performance relationship on its head, offering superfast SSD hosting for just one dollar a month.

The Solid State Drive storage is much faster than Hard Disk Drives because they require no physical moving parts, meaning the ‘write-speed’ is the speed of light, allowing huge volumes of data to be crunched through in no time at all. The service is a huge step up and a must have for websites that need constant uptime and speed no matter the scale of traffic.

With the $1 hosting deal, Asura Hosting is proving to be a hugely disruptive force in the market, where SSD hosting has been offered a premium upgrade by most providers. By biting the bullet on early investment, the company hopes to recoup its funding through the number of users, not a high price paid by fewer people.

A spokesperson for Asura Hosting explained, “We are thrilled to be able to offer people the very best deal they will ever find on Solid State Drive hosting. Because we are a privately owned company we do not rent our SSDs from server farms, allowing us to guarantee reliability. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and round the clock support for our users. We aim to make SSD hosting available to all, and by popularizing it as an affordable option, take our place among the giants in the market.”

About Asura Hosting: Asura Hosting is a privately owned company formed in 2012 to provide SSD web hosting, that is typically expensive, at affordable rates. They are the only company to offer SSD Hosting at such low prices, and appeal to customers who want a fast website that runs on SSD at affordable rates. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30-day refund policy and 24/7 support with all hosting plans.

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Name: Guy Gibbon
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Name: Guy Gibbon
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Organization: Asura Hosting