Astrad Leads the Way in Next-Generation Advertising with Innovative DSP Solutions

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Astrad has redefined the advertising space by unveiling its latest Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is engineered to enhance programmatic advertising efficiency. This empowers brands to connect with their audience like never before.

Astrad has redefined the advertising space by unveiling its latest Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is engineered to enhance programmatic advertising efficiency. This empowers brands to connect with their audience like never before. 

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Astrad provides services that address diverse advertising needs across 195 countries with the help of over 50 supply partners. Launching its new platform reinforces its vision of delivering state-of-the-art programmatic capabilities and access to a network that processes over 200 billion daily ad requests.

In 2023, the digital advertising sector has rapidly evolved, with programmatic advertising emerging as a critical pillar. Recent statistics show that European programmatic ad spending has experienced significant growth, indicating a move towards more dynamic and automated advertising strategies. Astrad's latest DSP solutions are tailored to this rising demand, featuring an AI-powered platform that streamlines ad-buying while enhancing campaign performance.

Daniel Macia, Founder and CEO of Astrad, claims, " Our new platform is a game-changer. Our clients outperform their competition by integrating AI, unique optimization tools, and multiple trading models, regardless of the campaign's size or complexity. We don’t just deliver ads, but also maximize ROI and truly connect brands with their customers."

Astrad caters to various clients, including app developers, agencies, direct brands, and sectors such as retail, education, and finance, including Fortune 500 companies.

To further advance its market position, Astrad has invested in cutting-edge technology to facilitate precise audience targeting and real-time bidding. This enables advertisers to make more informed decisions and optimize their ad spend. The platform also supports a wide range of ad formats, including video, display, mobile, and native ads, offering much-needed versatility to meet the needs of digital advertisers.

Moreover, Astrad is committed to upholding the highest data privacy and compliance standards, ensuring all operations are conducted per global regulations. This dedication enhances client trust and provides a secure environment for managing campaigns.

The platform's flexibility, full data access, and over 350 reporting metrics ensure strategies are precisely tailored for customers. Astrad begins with a deep understanding of client goals and crafting customized strategies that result in targeted ad campaigns. This method unlocks the true potential of brands, offering dynamic DSP technology tools and features for comprehensive awareness, user acquisition, footfall enhancement, retargeting, boosted subscriptions, brand safety, and creative generation.

Testimonials from clients prove the platform’s impactful solutions, with a previous customer saying, "Astrad has truly transformed our approach to brand awareness campaigns. It's the secret sauce that keeps our clients coming back for more.”

Its flexible DMP integration, which accommodates many data sources, including agency, first-party, third-party, and campaign-specific data, sets Astrad apart. Meanwhile, the platform’s powerful real-time transparent reporting capabilities pave the way for fast, multi-dimensional analysis to improve decision-making and campaign adjustments.

Astrad also has hyperlocal targeting capabilities, using latitude/longitude, points of interest, and zip codes to offer brands precise control over where their ads are displayed, increasing campaign performance even more. This focus on detailed, localized advertising allows brands to reach their desired audiences in specific geographic locations, making every ad impression count. As brands increasingly seek to personalize their marketing efforts and connect with consumers better, Astrad's platform stands out as a critical solution for achieving these objectives.

"Our goal is to make programmatic advertising accessible and efficient for all advertisers," Macia stated. "This platform, with its massive scale and exceptional management, represents a significant leap towards that aim, offering a level of control and insight that redefines market standards. With this development, the powerful scale previously only enjoyed by the biggest media agencies will now be available to all advertisers, democratizing the advertising landscape and ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our advanced capabilities."

The company remains committed to continuous development, refining its platform, and expanding services to meet advertisers' evolving needs. CEO Macia states, "We're leading the way in programmatic advertising to enable unparalleled results for advertisers, and this platform is just the beginning." 

By providing a seamless, reliable, and customizable ad experience, Astrad demonstrates a profound understanding of market needs and a dedication to setting the pace in this evolving space.

About Astrad

Astrad is a leading multi-channel programmatic technology DSP – DMP platform serving advertisers worldwide. The company offers managed, self-service, and white-label solutions, enabling advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their programmatic campaigns effortlessly. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Astrad serves clients globally, delivering advanced advertising technology and unmatched service.

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