Assembly Supplies Co. Helps Solve Problems in Constructing the Olivenhain Dam

Ensuring clients have the right tools for the job is the key to successfully completing projects of any magnitude, publishes

Near the turn of the millennium, the San Diego County Water Authority took on the task of helping to mitigate the negative impacts of California's ongoing drought issues. Their ultimate solution was the Olivenhain Dam. As North America’s tallest roller compacted concrete dam, building this structure was a project of unprecedented magnitude and remains so to this day. Assembly Supplies, Co. played a significant role in bringing plans for the dam to fruition.

Engineers and construction teams were up against numerous problems during the planning, development, and construction phases as noted in this case study. One was designing and building a dam capable of providing 24,000 acre-feet of water storage to supply San Diego homes and businesses with water in the event of an emergency. Ensuring the dam would be able to withstand earthquakes of magnitudes up to 7.25 was another hurdle that came into play.

Welding 318 feet of geomembrane on a vertical face posed considerable difficulties as well. A geomembrane is a liner designed to provide a containment barrier for various substances. In this case, such a barrier was necessary to help hold back the emergency water supply and prevent leakage regardless of natural hazards. Assembly Supplies Co. chose the Triac ST plastic welding tool for this job due to its lightweight design and adaptability among other features.

During construction, the Triac welding tool was suspended in the air. Welding was completed from the top down with the Triac ST being lowered as needed. Its strength and precision contributed to the sturdiness of the dam while its weight and flexibility aided in making the project safer for workers. Reports indicate that completion of the project would not have been possible without this type of tool and the experience of Assembly Supplies Co. as well as the civil engineering team and others involved in the process.

"We're dedicated to making sure our clients have the perfect tools for the job no matter the scale and difficulty of a project," said Chelsea Huber of Assembly Supplies Co. "We take great pride in working with clients to ensure they get the best possible results. Our team is honored to have been a part of the construction of the Olivenhain Dam, and we look forward to all the projects the future holds in store."

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