Aspen Claims Service Launches Newly Revamped Service Lineup

Continually changing needs in the insurance industry call for constant training and education, publishes

Insurance providers across the globe saw record-breaking claims last year both in collective numbers and individual amounts. In the United States alone, more than 670,000 property insurance claims were filed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey with damages amounting to an estimated $30 billion overall. December wildfires in California sparked $12 billion in property damage claims. In light of the rising toll of natural disasters and the growing number of smaller incidents alike, Mark Vetrovec of Aspen Claims Service has launched the firm's latest Independent Insurance Adjusting efforts.

"Looking back over the past year, it's clear that disasters of all magnitudes are at an all-time high," said Vetrovec. "It's also more important than ever before to have skilled, experienced and reliable insurance adjusters on your side. At Aspen Claims Service, our team offers the full range of residential and commercial Claims Adjusting services, tackling claims in a skilled and efficient manner. Because the insurance industry is continually growing and evolving, we make a constant effort to remain on top of the latest developments and techniques. Our revamped services cover the most recent advancements to take place in our field."

Aspen Claims Service has adopted an exclusive approach to insurance claims adjustment. With the company's trademark ProEd system, adjusters are trained in the most recent changes and advancements to impact the industry. Its FileTrac system for claims management continually tracks claims statuses in real time while a unique TruReview structure involves multiple review and approval steps for individual claims to ensure accuracy. Aspen Claims' ReScope pertains to systematic and detailed reinspections.

Covering 48 states, Aspen Claims Service provides Professional claims services in both residential and commercial settings, including mobile homes, farms, ranches and other structure and property types. Field and general adjusters with the company offer their expertise for daily and catastrophe claim assignments including forced placed coverage, liability, large loss and accident scene investigation to name a few.

Concluded Vetrovec, "We've built a reputation as an adjusting firm that embraces current technologies and delivers fair and superior quality of service in a timely manner. We're proud to stand out from the crowd with the one-of-a-kind system we've developed, and our newly updated services fall right in line with our overall approach to the industry. As new developments arise, our team will continue to modify its services in kind."

About Aspen Claims Service:

With a distinctive and advanced approach, Aspen Claims Service provides nationwide adjusting services for residential and commercial property losses. Their extensive team of tried and proven Field and General Adjusters is available for daily and catastrophe claim assignments.

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