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Ask The Home Geek helps to publish product reviews that are fully researched and analyzed by the team from their own expertise and trusted sources around.

Ask The Home Geek was founded in late 2021 and officially launched in 2022. The goal of this blog is to save readers time when researching information online. The Ask The Home Geek team strives to publish the most helpful content on the internet. As information is more easily accessible, fake news and information overload are sometimes added into the mix. The team aims to publish only high-quality, well-researched articles that are helpful to readers.

The team will obsessively research and analyze all the products recommended. In addition to relying on our expertise, the team gathers data from the best and most trusted sources around. They will also reach out to experts regarding the products to get in-depth information on the products.

Two main products actively written on this blog are microwaves and smart thermostats. With various detailed microwave reviews, readers are spoilt with choices on finding the most suitable microwave. It also explains some of the questions we have about microwaves, such as why microwave turntables switch directions during the process, or is the microwave safe to use after microwaving metals.

For readers that choose to buy a product recommended by the team through the affiliate link, the team often receives a commission from the retailer. However, there’s no incentive for the team or writers to pick inferior products and recommend them. This is because if someone who read the articles bought such a product and returned it due to the lousy recommendation, there is no affiliate commission for Ask The Home Geek. In the long run, this might cause damage to the company reputation. This fair system keeps us committed to serving the readers first.

“To further improve the content published, the team has partnered up with Knowledge Eager to provide a variety of content for readers,” said a spokesperson of Ask The Home Geek. “Knowledge Eager publishes informative, helpful, and educational content for ambitious people. From detailed book reviews which are published to help readers choose the right book to unbiased reviews of the most popular online courses available out there.”

About Ask The Home Geek

Ask The Home Geek is a platform aiming to help save readers time when researching information online. The team strives to publish the most helpful content on the internet. As fake news and information are being overloaded on the internet, the team aims to rid the platform of those and only publish well-researched and high-quality articles to readers.

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