As The Cost Of Living Goes Up, CEO Ricky Cucalon Poses A Solution

Ricky Cucalon's entrepreneurial spirit began at age 11 when he began washing cars to help support his family. This upbringing inspires him to introduce a platform to help other people in need.

It used to be the case that you could support yourself and your family on one salary from a 9-5 job and still have money left to save and invest. Nowadays, however, the cost of living has skyrocketed so that more and more people are being forced to take side jobs just to keep up. It was this problem that led Ricky Cucalon to become an entrepreneur in an industry that allows people to make money using the technology on their smartphones.

Growing up as a child in Peru, Ricky knew about how difficult it was to get by. His entrepreneurial spirit began at age 11 when he began washing cars to help support his family. This upbringing is part of what inspired him to want to help other people in need. “The cost of living is constantly going up, and it takes more and more cash to buy a house or to take care of your family,” says Ricky. “I provide that service that people can make money from their smartphones.”

After graduating as a civil engineer from San Francisco State in 2016, Ricky quickly found his calling when he discovered Bitcoin. He discovered Bitcoin when it was selling for only $30 apiece, and when he saw the price quickly leap to $400 and then $800, he knew he had to act. He bought 18 Bitcoins before the price shot up to over $20k apiece, eventually making over $500k and quitting his job to found his new company, ATM Movement.

As CEO and founder of ATM Movement, Ricky helps people make money from their smartphones with the cryptocurrency, stock, and forex market. ATM stands for “About The Millions”, which is definitely the spirit behind this company that lets people be their own boss. Unlike starting a traditional business that forces you to invest thousands of dollars and hours into generating income, ATM Movement teaches you to make money working smarter rather than harder.

With the unmanageability of cost of living and widespread economic uncertainty, many people are turning to other forms of income. There’s certainly no better time to supplement one’s income with the earnings from the digital marketing that ATM Movement teaches. “I realized that people were looking for opportunity but didn’t have the info,” says Ricky. “I came to the realization that everyone has a smartphone, so if I gave people the right information, I could change their financial situation.”

And if there’s anyone to look to for how to make it work, it’s Ricky Cucalon. His experience in Bitcoin has led him to acquire one of the largest Bitcoin wallets in Latin America. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ricky has also become a social media influencer with over 48k followers on Instagram. And he’s only just getting started—Ricky plans to spread ATM Movement to cities worldwide. With the problems of cost of living affecting families everywhere, it certainly has a market.

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