As Storm Approaches, Virginia Street Sweeping Services Gear Up

Hurricane Irma is threatening the Virginia coast, but street sweeping services are on standby to clean up the mess.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service have forecast the likely path of Hurricane Irma, and their best estimate is that the Category 5 storm might make landfall on the Virginia coast on or near September 12 or 13, though the Service stressed that some uncertainty remains in the projections. Whatever the final course track Irma takes on its way toward the coast, Virginia remains prone to impressive summer storms, with the official end of hurricane season only coming in November each year.

Atlantic hurricanes like Irma are, sadly, nothing new to longtime Virginia residents. Starting from their usual birthplace, off the west coast of Africa, these powerful storm systems use the energy from warm ocean water to organize themselves into huge cyclones that sweep west across the Atlantic in difficult-to-predict paths. Traditionally, hurricanes have frequented every coastline from the northern parts of South America to the southern reaches of New England during the summer and fall storm seasons. Winds in a Category 5 hurricane can get as high as 160 mph, with gusts rising higher still.

Whenever a major storm passes through a built-up area, commercial properties are often left littered with debris in the aftermath. Leaves, fallen branches and wind-blown litter can appear all over a property overnight and make even the most meticulously cared-for parking lots look neglected and unappealing to customers. For business owners, this kind of clutter goes beyond mere aesthetic blight; tangles of loose branches and other obstructions in the parking and pedestrian areas of a property are potentially a safety hazard and must be cleared away as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning provides removal and clearance services, as well as street sweeping in Virginia, Maryland and the majority of the DC Capitol Corridor area. When rough weather strikes, be it a hurricane like Irma or a lower-intensity storm that's just passing through, teams are on standby to restore commercial properties to a safe, attractive condition as quickly as possible. Crews arrive as scheduled, with all the equipment and tools they need to break down and clear away storm-tossed detritus, which is then trucked away for environmentally responsible local disposal. With hurricane season in full swing, your company can schedule a cleaning appointment in advance and have the team out immediately after the storm blows by.

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