As Fed QE Tapering Fears Take Hold, Black Edge Trading Launches Forex Trading Services

To help Forex traders navigate the international currency market and make profitable trading decisions in the face of global uncertainties, Black Edge Trading has developed new services that makes Forex trading effortless.

Will Bingham, CEO of Black Edge Trading, is leading the new generation of investors. He sees the uncertainty and fears over whether the Federal Reserve will taper the quantitative easing program (QE) as a challenge for Forex traders but an opportunity for his clients. “Using our Forex trading services, our clients can trade with minimal effort and maximize their returns,” says Bingham.

In spite of a stronger than expected economy following the government shutdown, financial analysts and economists are forecasting that the Federal Reserve will hold off on tapering asset purchases until March 2014. But no one can be sure just how long the Fed’s cheap money stimulus policy will last.

“The Forex market is extremely volatile. If you know what you’re doing, you can earn massive returns quickly,” says Bingham. “We help our clients maximize their returns and we believe that our strategy creates the best opportunity to earn both short and long-term profits.”

Black Edge Trading is launching two new services to help anyone trade like the ultra-rich. For those who want to have total control over their money and the risks they take, the company will teach them how to become a world-class Forex trader.

Black Edge Trading also offers a trade copier service for those who want to trade with the least amount of effort. With this service, the most talented trader at Black Edge Trading makes trades that are focused on earning long-term gains. When trades are made, the system automatically copies the trades in their client’s accounts.

Black Edge Trading’s clients say: “Will is a genius. He multiplies profits and mines every hidden asset and overlooked opportunity in the market.” “Bingham is the preeminent authority on teaching the world how to invest like the rich.” “Will is the best. If you ever get the chance to learn from him or work with him, do it.”

“There are always uncertainties in the Forex market that don’t make the news. In an uncertain world market, profits and losses happen quickly,” explains Bingham. “Traders who don’t spend the time necessary to consider the impact of national and international events that drive the world economy can’t make profitable decisions. We know from experience what it takes to win.”

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