As Congress Continues Debate, MoneyHax Weighs in on a Popular 401(k) Service

Site's new report on a popular 401(k) analysis and management service will be of interest to all who like to save money and invest, as will other recent features and those to come, MoneyHax reports

As part of its plan to overhaul the nation's tax system, Congress is debating whether to change the rules governing 401(k) retirement account contributions. With 401(k) plans nationwide collectively containing over $5 trillion as of June 30, according to the Investment Company Institute, as many as 55 million account holders could be affected.

A brand new feature from MoneyHax aims to make a difference for readers. The site's in-depth look at a service called Blooom reveals that it can help anyone easily turbocharge a 401(k) or 403(b) plan, with a free trial also being available. Many MoneyHax visitors will also be interested in a brand-new report on Paribus, a free service backed by Capital One that helps shoppers automatically make use of price protection services. As Congress continues the debate over the future of the 401(k), people everywhere can count on MoneyHax to keep them up to date with the latest and best ways to save, invest, and achieve their financial goals.

"The 401(k) plan has become a cornerstone of retirement for tens of millions of Americans, so any way of making the most of it has to be respected," said MoneyHax representative Todd Weitzman. "With certain members of Congress now proposing to limit the amounts that taxpayers can contribute, this is even more the case than in the past. Our new report on an impressive 401(k) analysis and management service will therefore be of especially timely interest to many people. As before, we're always looking for new ways to help our readers save money and invest profitably."

Although most of the details remain to be worked out, there is significant political support for a major reform of the American federal tax system. One especially notable proposal of recent times has been to partially offset the revenue losses that might come from a simplified tax structure by cutting back on the tax-privileged 401(k) plan contributions that employers and workers make.

As a top online resource dedicated to serving all those who hope to save money and invest productively, MoneyHax recently assessed a new service that promises to help users make the most of their own 401(k) plans. With many other similarly useful, informative features available and new ones being published regularly, MoneyHax visitors can count on learning everything from how to turbocharge their 401(k) plans to where to find the Best personal loans online.

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