As AI-Powered Insurance Companies Broker Cheap Settlements, Consumer Concerns Rise Over Unfair Payouts

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Following their research into a growing problem, The Clardy Law Firm is dedicated to helping claimants gain justice.

One of Greenville, South Carolina’s most respected injury law firms has discovered that over 50% of people involved in a crash that wasn’t their fault wouldn’t file a claim while only a small percentage would be happy to actively pursue the justice they deserve.

Eye-opening results underline a growing issue

In a recent Google Survey, The Clardy Law Firm asked respondents four questions about what they would do following a road accident that wasn’t their fault. Astonishingly, 50.6% of those surveyed answered "no" to "if you were in an accident that wasn't your fault, would you consider filing a personal injury claim?", indicating that many people eligible for compensation are missing out on what could be a substantial payout.

While 52.7% of people who would make a claim would hire a lawyer, over one-in-nine would accept the first offer while 40.5% of respondents expressed concerns regarding the payout. In fact, 32.4% would settle for less than they deserve because “something is better than nothing” (16.8%) or because they'd prefer to have a quick case (15.6%).

The results come at a time when insurance firms increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to determine how much a claimant's injury, pain, suffering, and, in some cases, disability is worth. Sadly, the fact that victims either don’t claim or settle for less than they are entitled to means that these figures are often much lower than what the real payout should be.

The Clardy Law Firm’s Allen Clardy says: "Many clients come to us to seek justice for an accident that wasn't their fault. In many cases, they rely on receiving a fair payout commensurate to their injuries, which can be severe and life-changing. A fair payout considers not just how their injury has recently impacted their life, such as being out of work or having to pay medical bills, but also their future, and a merciless AI program often fails to take into account the unquantifiable impact an injury can have on a claimant's life, such as physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life."

He also cautions claimants against signing any paperwork before consulting a personal injury lawyer: "It's common practice for insurers to make a low offer and refuse to budge, but claimants shouldn't feel pressured to make a decision, especially one that could have a lasting impact. It's positive to see that so many would hire a lawyer to fight their case and get them the justice they deserve."

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