Arutech Provides PVC Windows Found To Be The Most Efficient At Retaining Heat At Home

Arutech provides PVC windows throughout Finland, Sweden and Norway and have recently compared aluminium, PVC and wood windows to find theirs come out on top.

Arutech manufactures PVC windows and have been rewarded for their confidence that they create the superior product when it comes to protecting homes. Advertising their products as “Energiatehokaamat ikkunat” or energy efficient windows, the company has had their claim confirmed by scientific research. This surely makes them the number one ‘ikkunat’ provider throughout the Baltic States.

PVC, aluminum and wooden windows were compared according to their maximum value for money ratio, established according to four criteria: maintenance, conductivity (or how much heat escapes), size limits and initial cost.

PVC windows were found to be the leaders of environmental resistance, being the least susceptible to any form of corrosion, wear and tear or damage. Sure enough, PVC was also revealed to release the least amount of heat, with the lowest ratio of any of the compared materials, which in turn saves on energy consumption over the lifetime of the window. With an U-value as low as 0,72W/m2k, these windows are perfect for passive houses. Though aluminium was found to be superior in structural strength, this only became significant in a fraction of the total sizes of window frame actually used.

As well as its superior properties, the company aim to give aesthetic options with coloured acrylic coatings available so as not to fall short on that account when compared to wood and aluminium. Moreover, the company offers its windows at prices so competitive that the initial cost is no longer an issue either.

A spokesperson for Aurtech explained, “When comparing windows made of different materials according to several criteria: maintenance, thermal conductivity, maximum dimensions and prices, we conclude that the best value for money today is for PVC windows. Though we knew this to be the case already thanks to countless happy customers, but with this fact now verified by scientific enquiry, we hope that this article can answer the question of whether to invest for all our potential customers in the future.”

About Arutech:
Arutech took the 22nd place among other successful manufacturers of building materials in Estonia, and is the leading manufacturer of PVC windows among those listed. The company prioritizes creating and installing PVC windows and doors at economical prices that don’t require getting into debt to pay for.

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