ARTYGEEKS, Combining NFTs with Augmented Reality with High Price Potential

ARTYGEEKS is a collection of 10000 Ethereum NFTs that gives you access to various exclusive Content, Rewards, and the official Scavenger Orion Game.

The ARTYGEEKS is a collection of 10000 NFTs with over 14000 possible combinations of four main attributes. Each NFT will be amusing and funny. The idea behind the Arty Geeks name is a wordplay on the word art mixed with geek. 

Ethereum blockchain is chosen for this NFT to be hosted as it has many exciting Smart Contract features not found on other blockchains. As each transaction history and token metadata is publicly verifiable, it is simple to prove the NFT ownership history. The project team will also use IPFS technology to ensure the data is stored permanently.

Each Arty Geek Artwork is different, which ensures that buyers will never get the same NFT as another buyer. Everything is hand-drawn personally using high-quality Procreate brushes by Noe the artist behind this cool NFT project. The main attributes are split into four groups, each having its own rarity levels. The Torea_Bay eyes attribute is one of the rarest attributes, with a rarity percentage of only 0.07%.

One of the benefits of owning the Arty Geeks collection is to play the Scavenger Orion Action RPG Game, which investors can play immediately after purchase. In addition to that, the team will host many events giving the holders a chance to win big at the weekly game events. Holders will also get access to all future exclusive content and Merch Rewards.

“It is essential to understand that ARTYGEEKS is more than just an NFT collection. This brand is developing its own virtual world,” said a spokesperson of the team. “Interested buyers can keep a lookout for the market launch on September 16, 2022.”

About Us: ARTYGEEKS - where art and technology come together.

Contact Info:
Name: Noe Markus Käch
Email: Send Email
Organization: ARTYGEEKS
Address: Emmenbrücke, Lucerne, Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 820 41 77

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Release ID: 89081608