Artists-Friendly NFT Platform Supported by Paragon-Exploring New Possibilities of Art Trade

Paragon is really promising with the complete and clear plan for platform building and community building.

CryptoKitties was unveiled in 2017, which first introduced NFT into the mainstream. The volume of NFT was not eye-catching back then, but its fast growth attracted an array of people in the blockchain field. In 2020, pieces of NFT digital artworks were auctioned at high prices and sought after by many luxurious brands and renowned artists, embodying that NFT has become a high-profile new racetrack. Up to March 2021, the market value of NFT has exceeded US$ 2 billion in total and the turnover of NFT artworks has reached over US$546 million.

People have tried to apply NFT into many industries, but its leading position in the art market still remains unswerving. NFT cannot be changed, split and replaced, providing artists with new ideas of confirming the work rights and trading. As an artist-friendly NFT platform, Paragon is committed to building an exclusive community for artists, which can help them cooperate in the open-source projects in the form of bounty and find new possibilities of art creation. In the near future, Paragon will recruit community nodes and carry out airdropping worldwide, kicking off the launch of Market Place on June 10, 2021.

Three Defining Features Help Paragon NFT Platform to Flourish
Paragon supports fragmentation, improves liquidity and increases the dividend of premium, laying a solid foundation to building a NFT platform based on the integration of multiple blockchains. Paragon will cover NFT creation, transaction, auction, mortgage, social interaction and other ecological application.

Paragon aims to fully release high-quality NFT values. With the fragmentation protocols of Paragon, NFT owners can split NFT into many shards as needed which can be directly traded and perform liquidity mining on DEX. The protocols have improved NFT’s equity liquidity, solving the problem that digital artworks remain unwanted as the prices are too high and showing the effective plan of realizing the values of artworks. Also, fragmented NFT allows the shard owners to enjoy a NFT price appreciation and receive dividend in this artwork trading market.

The High-Quality Nodes Ensure the Fast Development of the Platform
Paragon is really promising with the complete and clear plan for platform building and community building. For the platform building, Paragon will first launch Binance Smart Chain to avoid low liquidity and high gas fees. In the years to come, Paragon will connect itself with Heco and Polkadot, building a safe, efficient and high-speed NFT platform.

As for the community building, Paragon will allocate 15% PAR to early participants, 1% to airdropping and 5% to artists, attracting massive community nodes and artists. With the continuous participation of nodes, Paragon can run efficiently and provide better data, lower transaction cost and higher transaction income for all the users.
Based on integration of multiple-chains, Paragon will be the indispensable bond between physical and digital artworks, artists and collectors. The faster transaction and superior liquidity of Paragon fragmentation protocols will offer new solutions to the NFT artworks trading market and guide the market to mature development.

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