Artist Zac Anderson Launches New Website Featuring Unique Rain Art

After developing a unique technique to pain rain,, Zac Anderson, has created an online gallery to highlight his pieces

Today, artists use a wide array of mediums and find countless sources of inspiration to create their art. More and more artists are finding unique ways to express themselves while sharing their vision with the world.

Artist Zac Anderson is one of these artists and his inspiration for his pieces is the rain. Today, he is announcing the launch of his website, where those interested can view the rain artist gallery. This new website showcases the pieces that Anderson has created, as well as the story of how he began creating these pieces.

“My idea for rain painting was unexpected and it was a true gift of inspiration,” stated artist Zac Anderson. “I originally developed the concept in the fall of 2013 when I was painting the landscape in Colorado. During my work, a few raindrops fell on my wet paint. The curiosity that this moment caused is what inspired more than two years of experiments to see how I could recreate rain to look authentic. After quite a bit of trial and error, I developed my unique processes.”

Zac Anderson, who has become known as the artist who paints with rain, worked for over two years using various brands and grades of paint, substrates and various drying conditions. After a rather involved process of elimination, Anderson created his secret formula and today uses two different formulas, depending on the climate and the temperature.

“During my period of experimentation, I quickly realized that what worked in one area, such as Colorado, didn’t work in Arizona,” continued Anderson. “This is an important part of my process.”

Now, anyone interested in the artwork created by Anderson can visit the newly launched website to view the gallery, which holds many pieces of unique artwork featuring the rain.


Zac Anderson, the artist who paints the rain, grew up in the area of Santa Clara, California. He has worked as a creative designer for over 15 years. After he completed his education in the school for visual communication, he began a career in the field of printing and graphic design. The experience that he was able to acquire from this career helped him begin his own printing and design business, which is something he still does today. Now Anderson hosts several openings, a few times a year and works out of an office that is located in Tucson.

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