Artificial Intelligence Market 2017 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast Report

Pune, India, 27th October 2017: WiseGuyReports announced addition of new report, titled “Artificial Intelligence - The technology is revolutionizing industries across the world”.

There are many technologies and ideas throughout the world which are exciting in their potential but whose effects are mainly pipedreams that we never get to see in the flesh. However, in the world of tech there is currently a wave of industries that have real potential to change our world forever and they are likely to be realized within the next decade. These industries are inextricably linked and serve to augment the capabilities of each other, meaning that the rate of change is likely to snowball. From artificial intelligence, through to the space industry the rate of technological advancement in the last few years has been dramatic and this report examines and speculates on what is coming in the AI industry and what the results might be for companies and society alike.

Key Questions Answered
- What is AI and how might it change our world?
- What are the problems and challenges to be overcome with the technology?
- Which industries are likely to changed dramatically?


- Examines the developing world of AI looking at where major break throughs are happening.
- Looks at the likely impact of this new technology and how the world might change.
- Shows potential flaws with the technology and where some changes might be a step backwards.

Reasons to buy
- As these words are typed, we are living in the middle of a technological revolution. The world around us has the true potential to be transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – through the prospect of communicating, working and moving through our daily lives differently but perhaps more efficiently.
- ‘Machine Learning’ has experienced significant increases in investment over recent years – however, machine learning has been around for a lot longer than this. Machine learning is the process of the machines' computer systems adapting according to usage data over time, using complex algorithms to complement its decision making.
- Examples of machine learning in use spread over many different industries, some, the least expected at times. Many prestigious trading firms for example, use proprietary systems to predict and execute trades at high speeds and high volume.

Table of Content: Key Points
Executive Summary 2
Artificial Intelligence: revolutionizing industries across the world 2
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries across the world 6
AI is potentially useful for a wide range of industries 6
Investment in AI has been significant over recent years 7
Machine learning has received the most investment over recent years due to Big Data increasingly becoming a huge focal point for businesses 7
Machine learning is apparent in an array of industries 8
The healthcare industry is in transformation thanks to AI developments 8
Investment activity relating to Healthcare AI technologies continues to grow 10
Regulations may limit AI’s potential in the near future 10
AI aims to save costs but instead will increase them for businesses 10
Although costs are associated with AI maintenance, soon AI will be doing the handling 11
Unemployment is a fear of the future, not so much right now 12
Teachers fear not as robots target other jobs instead 12
Conclusion 13


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