Article Offers New Take on Differences Between a Blog Post and Press Release

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A new article published by prReach defines the differences between a blog post and a press release, and how savvy brands must utilize both to impact the marketplace.

prREACH, the San Diego based content marketing and PR company that provides nationally syndicated press releases with the power of social mentions and video, recently published an article entitled, “Confusion at the Keyboard”. The article attempts to provide a definitive look at the similarities and differences between a blog post and a press release, detailing how each piece offers benefits to the professional marketer, content provider, or savvy brand manager.

Rob Burns, CEO of prREACH, said, “The lines between PR, Content Marketing and Traffic Generation are increasingly becoming thinner by the day.”

“Confusion at the Keyboard” suggests that the modern business cannot ignore the internet, which based on the hard data, is becoming an omnipresent aspect of life across the globe. While the press release predates the internet by close to one hundred years, the blog post is a content delivery device that has emerged directly from the prevalence of the web, and further fueled by social networking, now has the ability to reach millions of potential readers.

The article continues by detailing the confusion many brand managers may face when debating the usefulness of a blog post or a press release, when it comes to disseminating corporate messaging. In fact, some people may decide that the two devices are interchangeable, and that the blog post may be the more useful tool. The author suggests that brand managers who confuse the two, or scrap one entirely, may be doing a disservice to their business, as the press release and the blog post serve very different purposes.

The article wraps up with an in-depth look at the similarities and differences between a blog post and a press release, which range from appeal, to style, to authorship, to the reliance on fact versus creative license. The author of the post finally declares that a brand attempting to grow within the competitive online marketplace must utilize both devices, but must do so with quite disparate purposes in mind.

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