Announces the Sense of Smell Remains the Strongest

Fully developed before birth, the sense of smell engages a person's memory and emotions and businesses may capitalize on this, AromaTech reports

Individuals remember a smell with 65 percent accuracy after a twelve month period, according to the Daily Mirror. In contrast, visual recall tends to only be 50 percent accurate after a three month period. Businesses need to keep this information in mind when choosing a scent for their workplace, as the wrong scent can lead to long-term negative impressions on the part of the consumer. AromaTech ( provides a wide range of scents so every business can find one that reflects their personality and values.

"The sense of smell is closely linked to emotional memories, and the right smell can do wonders for a company. The aroma oils used in our products are perfume grade and 100 percent pure essential oils, and all come from natural and pure ingredients. We have drawn from more than 70,000 fragrances to create blends that are ideal for creating the right ambiance for any home or office. Be sure to check out the offerings today at," Dimitri Gailit, spokesperson for AromaTech, reports.

What many people don't know is the sense of smell is the first to develop in the womb. Furthermore, this sense is completely formed and fully functional at the time of birth. A newborn recognizes their mother's smell immediately and will likely associate it with pleasant things. The linking of a person or place to a smell that a person finds pleasant will reap numerous benefits.

"A business first needs to decide what emotion they would like to elicit from a customer. Some companies may find they want a scent that stimulates the person, yet another will benefit more from a scent that is warm and welcoming. Regardless of what the business is looking for, AromaTech ( can be of help," Gailit continues.

Furthermore, the sense of smell is stronger in women than it is in men. This sense of smell is heightened at specific times during the month and tends to be its strongest when the female is more fertile. As either sex ages, however, the sense of smell begins to decline. Every human, nevertheless, has their favorite smell and can make use of the AromaTech products to produce a similar smell in the home.

"Whether one is searching for a scent that promotes their business in a positive light or a scent to use in the home, there is a product for this person. We supply everything from odor eliminators to holiday scents, and a business may find they wish to use different scents for different times of the year. The same is true for the individual consumer. Check out our offerings today, as we can help you find the right scent for any occasion or for daily use," Gailit states.

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Founded in 2009, AromaTech brands and transforms businesses with the help of ambient scenting and has now branched out into the residential market. With the help of scent marketing, a business finds they can engage emotions and memory, and a person finds they can transform the atmosphere of their residence.

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