AromaTech Reports on the Sense of Smell and Its Importance in Business

Companies need to recognize the sense of smell can play a role in their success or failure, reports

The human brain is capable of processing approximately 10,000 scents in an area no bigger than a postage stamp. Each scent it processes triggers a neural response and draws forth memories and emotions. For this reason, a business needs to ensure their workplace invokes the desired response from the clients and AromaTech can be of help with this. AromaTech produces a range of oils and diffusers to provide an area with a pleasing scent to those who visit.

"Thanks to the internet and increased competition, a business needs every advantage it can get. Our products provide this advantage, as many organizations fail to recognize the importance of scent when it comes to the workplace. Don't make this mistake. Learn more about our products and how they can be of benefit to you," Dimitri Gailit, spokesperson for AromaTech, recommends.

Although 14 million people each year visit the Jorvik Viking Centre to see and smell what life was like back during the Viking era, the smells found at this site are not pleasant. Most businesses would not want to recreate an unpleasant smell, but rather one that encourages their visitors to make use of their products and services. As a result, the business needs to determine which emotions they wish to play on when choosing a scent.

"Spas often opt for a scent that relaxes the patrons, while a gym would choose a scent that is more energizing. Luxurious scents benefit car dealers, as most people love the smell of a brand new car, and pet clinics often choose odor eliminators. With so many different scents to select from, every business should be easily be able to find one that accomplishes their desired goals when they choose to work with AromaTech (," Gailit continues.

However, businesses need to recognize the sense of smell changes with the seasons. Humans find it easier to detect scents during the spring and summer months thanks to higher moisture levels in the air. Furthermore, exercise boosts a person's sense of smell, thanks to the increased moisture of the nasal passages. For these reasons, different scents are often needed at different times.

"AromaTech ( provides a range of scents perfect for any setting and any time of year. Browse the entire line today to determine which scents are right for you. You may find you want one scent for the office and another at home. We can be of help," Gailit declares.

About AromaTech:

AromaTech remains dedicated to innovation, technology and commitment. The company uses only eco-friendly, high-quality materials in their commercial scents and scent machines to harness the emotional power of the sense of smell.

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