AromaTech Announces They Are Branching Out Into the Residential Market

Known for making businesses smell great, AromaTech is now producing products suitable for home use so everyone can benefit from essential oils, AromaTechSystems reports

Researchers continue to analyze essential oils to determine what health benefits they offer to humans. However, as Mayo Clinic reports, studies already conducted suggest aromatherapy may be of benefit to individuals who struggle with anxiety and depression, sleep disorders or a chronic condition. To ensure all individuals have access to high quality products intended for home use, AromaTech (, long known for providing scents to businesses, is now expanding into the residential market.

"Unfortunately, in the past individuals would often find they experienced problems after normal business hours. As a result, they were unable to obtain the benefits of essential oils at their favorite business or health facility. Our goal with this expansion is to share the products they have been benefiting from in commercial establishments so they can obtain the needed relief in the comfort of their own home at any time," Dimitri Gailit, spokesperson for AromaTech (, reports.

The University of Minnesota is one institution that is evaluating the benefits of essential oils. As the university states, essential oils are of help in a variety of conditions. This includes premenstrual syndrome, infections, anxiety, depression, pain and nausea, among others.

"The problem with purchasing essential oils is the industry is not currently regulated in most countries. As the oils are not standardized, a consumer may believe they are getting a natural oil when it has been significantly diluted. For this reason, consumers need to know what to look for when making a purchase, as we want to ensure both individuals and businesses know what they are buying when it comes to oils of this type," Gailit continues.

Thanks to the abundance of essential oil products on the market today, consumers may feel overwhelmed by their choices. The key to obtaining a quality product is to consider a number of factors, not merely the price of the oil. In addition, individuals need to research the company offering the oils to ensure they have a good reputation for providing quality items.

"Sadly, many companies have entered the market and now supply consumers with inferior products. As a result, the purchaser does not witness the anticipated results, and he or she may blame this on aromatherapy in general. When purchasing through our company, consumers know they are getting an essential oil that is 100 percent pure, contains no additives, chemicals or synthetic colours and has no genetically modified organism components. When it comes to your health, settle for nothing less than the best which is our AromaTech offerings," Gailit recommends.

About AromaTech:

AromaTech continuously strives to provide the best residential and commercial home scenting products available today. The company is rooted in ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability, thus consumers can purchase with confidence.

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