Aroga Worldwide, a Direct Sales Company, Partners with Internet Radio Host, Launching Internet Radio Show, Showcasing Products and Customer Testimonials.

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Aroga Worldwide has partnered up with, Internt Radio Host, Adam Broker, staying better connected with Aroga’s Customers and Distributors around the Globe. Providing an opportunity for Aroga’s Customers and Distributors to get updates and share personal product experiences about Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms.

Aroga Worldwide, based in Ontario Canada, and maker of Acupoint RealTime Holograms, is blazing a new trail in communications between Corporate, Customers and Independent Distributors. As companies search for unique ways to retain customers and Reps, Aroga worldwide is absolutely “thinking outside of the box”, with its new Internet Radio Show called Grove’s Avenue. Aroga Independent Distributor, and seasoned Internet Radio Host, Adam Broker, brought the idea to Aroga’s CEO, Grove Bennett, to host a weekly Radio Show that features Grove Bennett, and a rotation of guest speakers.

“In my experience with other Direct Sales companies, I knew that most CEOs and Executives don’t communicate on a regular basis with customers and Distributors in the field, and if they do any communications at all, it’s typically through static email blasts, or via a company wide conference calls that are usually scripted and sometimes filled with hype. After spending time with, and getting to know our CEO, I knew that a weekly radio show would allow our Customers to “meet” the Man behind Aroga, while conveying the true vision of Mr. Bennett, and allow our Customers and Reps to stay “up to date” and feel a true connection with the company.” ~Adam Broker, Internet Radio Host, “Accu Man”

Grove’s Avenue, airs weekly, and brings a breath-of-fresh-air to the world of Networking. The show features a commercial-free, interview-style radio show, that is truly engaging and informative. The show includes recent company updates, and relevant insight by Mr. Bennett, as well as scheduled speakers and call-in guests. Groves Avenue, typically covers current topics about Aroga Worldwide, and features guests’ testimonials about their personal experiences with Arogas’ Acu-Point Holograms.

As the Internet has changed many industries, including publishing, music, and communications, it has also opened new opportunities for those who see the value in doing live broadcasts. With the ability to reach an unlimited audience, live Internet broadcasts are a great way to attract new customers, and keep current customers and Distributors engaged.
According to Aroga’s CEO, Grove Bennett, the company has plans to expand the use of live Internet Radio Broadcasts, by offering the platform as a communication tool for Aroga’s Global Distributor Force. According to Bennett, there are currently plans to tie in the platform with other business tools, soon to be offered through Aroga Worldwide’ Sister Division, Aroga Media.

Listeners can tune-in to Groves’ Avenue, every Wednesday, at 12 Noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern, by visiting:

More About Aroga Worldwide:
Aroga Worldwide, is one in a group of six companies under the umbrella of Aroga Holdings Corp, a publicly listed company. Aroga CEO, Grove Bennett, has an extensive business resume. Having the experience of running private and public companies, from operations, manufacturing, business development, finance and customer relations. Bennett has worked within the major credit card and banking industries, and even headed up a team that developed training programs for Integrated Maintenance Training System (IMTS), a maintenance training system for the F/A:18 Fighter Jet and a $44MM Canadian contract to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms are are small, portable and disposable. Each Quantum Infused Hologram is smaller than a US Quarter, and thinner than a postage stamp. The energy is infused into a design, that can best be described as a circuit, or chip technology. The Holograms stick to the skin with a non-allergenic adhesive, and can be worn as long as needed. Each Hologram is color coded to remind the user of which application the Hologram is recommended for. As a do-it-yourself product, the user not only benefits from the convenience of the Holograms, but can save considerable amounts of money using Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms. Currently, Aroga offers six different Holograms in its product lineup that support the body. The Holograms are aptly named, addressing pain relief (called Relief), a sleep aid (called Sleep), an energy enhancement (called Energy), a weight control (called Fit), a mental clarity (called Focus), and a sexual support Hologram (called Pleasure).

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More About Aroga Media:
Aroga Worldwide’ Sister Division, Aroga Media, holds a Google Reseller Agreement. The Aroga Media division continues to support, promote and build on the Google Apps for Work platform focusing on the products, and services available in this incredibly versatile and powerful suite of applications. As a Google Apps reseller, Aroga Media’s business plan calls for a focus on both the commercial and educational markets.

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