Ardeshir Akhavan On Factors Driving Growth in Programmatic Advertising

When using traditional advertising methods, marketers typically make a manual request for pricing quotes

With advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence now playing a primary role in the direction of online content development and digital marketing, programmatic advertising channels are rapidly becoming the most preferred method for businesses and organizations on a global basis. Veteran entrepreneur Ardeshir Akhavan notes that by the end of 2019, close to $60 billion is expected to be spent on this newer form of advertising in the US alone, with nearly 88% of all US digital display ad dollars being spent on programmatic ad methods by 2021. The digital marketing expert explains the advantages programmatic advertising offers, providing insight as to why it has quickly become the preferred ad campaign strategy across the globe.

When using traditional advertising methods, marketers typically make a manual request for pricing quotes, with media buyers negotiating prices, authorizing purchases and creating change orders with salespeople. The buyer then relinquishes control to the publisher, who would later take over and run the campaign. By definition, programmatic advertising is essentially an automated way of purchasing ad space across digital media platforms via specialized software, sidestepping the time-consuming processes and hit-or-miss nature often involved with older methods. Ardeshir Akhavan points to how this allows marketers to purchase impressions through real-time bidding in order to display ads on various websites by buying the views individually, ultimately deciding on which ads to buy and how much to pay for them.

Programmatic software can evaluate user data to help the system determine the type of ad content that is relevant to a particular person or group. Some of the information used in this process includes factors such as a user’s behavior, engagement level, location, and time spent per visit. Programmatic advertising significantly minimizes human error by handling smaller tasks previously performed by a media buyer, while utilizing highly detailed data analysis that aids buyers in identifying the best use of their ad budgets. "The traditional advertising system was notorious for costing marketers way too much money,” says Ignite Visibility’s John Lincoln in an article for “Now, you can rely on an algorithm that will determine where your ad money is best spent. All you have to do is feed your programmatic solution some info about your campaign as well as key performance indicators and you're all set.”

Another primary benefit of programmatic advertising is its ability to act off of user analytics to decide what content is most relevant to a particular user at any given time while also taking into account where they spend their time online, allowing marketers to craft specific messaging for an endless range of target audiences. This is further complemented by the software providing marketers with feedback that pinpoints what is resonating with the campaign’s target audience — an aspect that not only refines the campaign’s approach but also protects against potential ad fraud by tracking authentic user impressions that are often agreed to between the buyer and seller before the ad campaign goes live.

Ardeshir Akhavan has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape, a timeline that includes founding and owning several business ventures, along with serving as an executive at various companies. Throughout his long career, the Los Angeles-based marketing industry veteran has helped clients drive their sales and increase return on investment through the implementation of integrated technologies that boost inbound online traffic, streamline the user experience, improve lead generation, and convert with targeted sales funnels. A renowned figure within the affiliate marketing space, Ardeshir Akhavan also provides design, testing, and analytics services to leading e-commerce operations and social media platforms.

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