Archer Manufacturing’s Indestructible Soap Dispensers Survive Freight Train Derailment

A freight train carrying consumer goods that included a shipment of Archer Manufacturing’s Indestructible Soap Dispensers, survived a derailment accident and was delivered to the client without a dent or scratch.

WAYNOKA, Okla. (AP) On August 12, 2013, train officials reported to several Oklahoma news sources that a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train hauling drink and other consumer products derailed nearby Waynoka, OK. Also on-board was an order of Archer Manufacturing’s vandal proof soap dispensers. According to Fox News 25, “The Wood County Sheriff’s Department says no one was harmed… [but] Beer and soda cans tumbled out when 40 containers left the track, and rolls of paper towels were everywhere.” Despite the mishap, the soap dispensers arrived at Archer's customer place of business without a single scratch, proving yet again just how durable the OPS 1-Touch Soap Dispenser really is.

In a prior press release last year, Archer Manufacturing introduced their newest soap dispenser, the OPS 1-Touch. It is the world’s only truly Indestructible and Suicide Resistant Soap Dispenser. It’s also the world’s only soap dispenser covered by a 5 year warranty against vandalism. Since their release, the dispensers have been reinforced even further as Archer Manufacturing continues to meet the needs of its clientele.

A spokesman for the company added, “We are constantly looking for ways to make the OPS 1-Touch even better. Within the past year alone, our soap dispensers have gone through and passed strict inspection at over 400 safety, infection control, and environmental services departments all over the country. Even still, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our dispensers. Our client’s feedback has been invaluable, and has resulted in improvements that have greatly increased the strength and durability of the dispenser, as well as expanding its safety aspects. Our dispensers are known for their indestructibility and have never had a failure under real life conditions. We look forward to reducing bathroom vandalism and providing peace of mind for facility managers wherever our soap dispensers are used.”

The Archer Manufacturing OPS® 1-TOUCH™ commercial cartridge foaming soap, anti-ligature dispenser offers dependable sanitary delivery while being 100% tamper proof. The wall-mounted dispenser is made in such a way that a vandal cannot rip it off. Thus its design makes the OPS 1-TOUCH kick proof, punch proof and knife proof. As for public health concerns, all the reinforced stainless steel features ensure that the soap will not become contaminated while still keeping maintenance costs and effort to a minimum.

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About Archer Manufacturing:
Archer Manufacturing is the chief provider of the world’s only 100% vandal proof, soap dispensing system. Archer Manufacturing has been offering specialized safety dispensers for over 20 years. It’s a popular supplier among prisons, hospitals, parks, schools, transit systems, and other institutions and facilities. The OPS 1-Touch Product line includes a variety of premium soap products including Eco Green / DFE Approved Hand Soap, Hand Hair and Body Wash, Antibacterial Soap and (Alcohol Free) Instant Hand Sanitizer. Their vandal proof soap dispensers are lockable and enclosed in an elegant, industrial grade, brushed stainless steel exterior for superior durability. All OPS® 1-TOUCH™ dispensers come with a 5-year warranty against vandalism.

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