Apps Free For PC Publishes Latest News Of WhatsApp Working On Web Client

WhatsApp for PC is one of the most requested app transitions in history, and Apps Free For PC has just published rumors that the app developers may finally be working on developing a PC version.

Apps have become an indispensible resource in human lives, and app developers have gone to great pains to provide impressive functionality while being economic with power and processor consumption, making them versatile and indispensable on mobile devices. Now, people want that same functionality to cross over to their PC, but developers have been slow in converting their apps. Apps Free For PC keeps people abreast of the latest developments, and has now published an article about rumors on WhatsApp finally developing a WhatsApp for PC version of their popular messaging service.

The reason for the delay has been speculated on for years, but the rumors claim that the constant use of WhatsApp for PC by spammers and hackers as a baiting trick has caused the company to create an authentic version.

In the meantime however, Free Apps For PC offers a step by step alternative, using Blue Stacks emulator to download authentic mobile apps to PC and then use them from the desktop just as people would want to with a PC version, effectively creating a means to download whatsapp for pc. However, thanks to their being no difference between the mobile and blue stacks WhatsApp, cross-continuity is guaranteed.

A spokesperson for Apps Free for PC explained, “We understand why people have been calling for a WhatsApp for PC for years, and we weren’t about to sit around until WhatsApp finally got wise and created their own PC version. Rather, we investigated the alternatives and fortunately great app emulators like Blue Stacks unlock the potential of apps on PC without any single developer being responsible for creating a slick conversion. People can enjoy WhatsApp For PC today this way, while we keep them updated on the advent of an official version.”

About Apps Free For PC: Apps Free For PC is an online resource center dedicated to helping people find the apps they love in their PC friendly formats, or discover emulators that will enable people to run android apps as if on a mobile from the PC. The site is regularly updated with articles on the most popular apps, news, and step by step guides to installing apps with favorite functionalities.

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