Appointment Remind Me Launches Intuitive Appointment Reminder Text Service

Text messages are a long ignored medium for marketing and customer communication for businesses, argues Appointment Remind Me.

Appointment Remind Me is a company that offers a text message alert service for businesses which promises to be both highly affordable and extremely effective. The text message seems to have become a forgotten territory within marketing and PR strategies, and Appointment Remind Me looks to change that on behalf of its clients.

Their simple automated appointment reminder system has been informed by detailed research on text messaging which has already offered up some surprising results when viewed through the lens of a potential marketing strategy.

The statistics also speak for themselves: 97% of text messages are read when received, and 90% of text messages of those are read within four minutes of receiving them, making them the most instant deliverable above both email and voicemail. By using text messaging to keep previous customers engaged and aware, repeat customers bring in on average 67% more than new customers. Consumers are known to keep their phones within three feet of themselves at all times of day and night, and over 2.5 Billion Text Messages are sent each day in the US.

A spokesperson for Appointment Remind Me explained, “The bottom line is that mobile can reach most consumers and they prefer being contacted that way. Our alerts can remind customers of their appointments an hour, a day or a week in advance, and cut no shows by up to 80%. Equally, targeted marketing can be planned to efficiently reach people at the optimal time of day for the offer- just before lunch or dinner for food vendors, or mid evening for luxury goods and holidays. To prove how confident we are, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, risk free, money back guarantee.

About Appointment Remind Me
Appointment Remind Me was created for any business related service that has a need to schedule appointments. Missed appointments are a loss of revenue for a business. Usually the issue is that clients just forget their appointment because of their hectic daily lives. Their service allows businesses to automatically send out a reminder to the client about their appointment either 1 hour in advance, 1 day, or 1 week. These reminders can be automatically sent out via voice, text or email. They also have a new "broadcast" feature which allows businesses to send out daily deals or special offers via text message, to their existing clients.

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