Application Of GECH Inter-Blockchain Technology:Bridge Between Environmental Protection Industry and GECH Ecology

The Inter-Blockchain technology application of GECH is very important in this demand Especially when it involves binding assets or data, GECH ecological platform can show more powerful compatibility.

Since the development of GECH ecological platform, many environmental protection industry applications have been successively connected. However, due to the complexity of environmental protection industry, coupled with the requirements of periodicity, participation role, application scenario and scalability of environmental protection projects, it is necessary to upgrade the carrying capacity and expansion capacity of GECH ecological platform. The Inter-Blockchain technology application of GECH is very important in this demand Especially when it involves binding assets or data, GECH ecological platform can show more powerful compatibility.
Ideally, GECH does not want to bind these information. As a fully open ecological platform, GECH wants to allow enterprise users to freely transfer assets and data between different industry (block) chains, or further, run several projects on the same industry (block) chain at the same time and make use of each chain. For example, GECH can take advantage of the performance of one chain and the community and ecology of another chain to build a multi-dimensional Inter-Blockchain application technology layer.
On the GECH ecological platform, GECH will not restrict enterprise users to access any industry (block) chain, nor do they want to bind them to only one chain.GECH wants them to have the same assets on both chains, and even wants them to have applications that enable seamless cross link communication. Of course, in order to ensure the rights and interests of the co builders of each ecological community, GECH will only choose the best in the same industrial chain, and there will be no vicious competition. It is no wonder that each industrial chain will cooperate with each other to broaden the application level of GECH ecological platform.
With the further development of GECH ecological platform, GECH will be fully open for operation, and Inter-Blockchain technology application does not need special license in the process of deployment, maintenance or use. Any co-builder of ecological community will hold veto power, use voting right and participate in the implementation of maintenance. These operations do not require the approval of any organization or individual, including GECH environmental protection foundation.
And Inter-Blockchain technology is universal. Any information that can be proved by encryption on the GECH ecological platform is available in the Ethereum contract, And vice versa.The following information can be proved by encryption for GECH and Ethereum:
● Include a transaction in the block
● Execute a transaction with a specific result
Record the status of smart contract execution
In addition, the data and asset information related to the blockchain are also verifiable, such as the content of a block header. Ethereum block head includes miner information, GECH block header includes verification node information.This encrypted information allows us to build various use cases:
GECH Inter-Blockchain technology can bridge Mintable Fungible Token, Non-Fungible Token or any kind of asset
The Inter-Blockchain technology is used to write smart contracts that use contract status or GECH to verify nodes GECH
The GECH Inter-Blockchain technology allows the use of GECH ecological platform for Inter-Blockchain contract calls
The use of certification tools can help GECH ecological platform to develop a set of contracts with the function of asset transfer or Inter-Blockchain communication.However, due to the different objects we want to achieve interoperability through GECH Inter-Blockchain technology, these contracts are also quite different.For example, ERC20 requires a contract that is completely independent of ERC721 or the original pass transfer.At present, GECH Inter-Blockchain technology provides out of the box support for general ERC20 token transfer, and GECH will add more use cases in the future.
In the existing technology application level, we only use erc20 use case.Suppose there is a set of environmental protection upstream and downstream industry pass issued by Ethereum ERC20 or other passes that can access the GECH ecological platform. If such passes need to be transferred through GECH, two sets of additional contracts need to be deployed:
● Ethereum contract executed in solidity language - token locker
● GECH contracts executed in Rust language -Mintable Fungible Token
At present, each instance of ERC20 token requires the deployment of a pair of independent token locks / castable Mintable Fungible Token.However, we will remove this restriction in the future and use the same token locker for various ERC20 passes.
It should be noted that if you want to add the support of ERC721 or another kind of asset transfer in GECH ecological platform, you need to implement a similar locker / asset pair, and there is a different external interface and internal implementation. However, the high-level design will remain the same, the locker will lock / unlock the asset, and the smart contract will automatically execute the casting / destruction on the GECH ecological platform Assets.

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