Apple Loans Launch Customised APR Rates With Case By Case System

Apple Loans launch customised APR rates with loans available from 7.9% APR to 29.9% APR depending on the customer’s credit profile, offering a degree of flexibility not open to banks and high street lenders.

APR has changed, in the old days people would look in local newspapers for "the best rate" on a loan. But a number of factors together with a consumers credit score will now determine the APR offered on a loan. Loans now take into account the unique circumstances of the individual. This new process has the potential to be both complicated and time consuming, but early adopters Apple Loans have streamlined and simplified the process so that major loans and mortgages can be successfully applied for in as little as an hour.

Apple Loans ( use a user friendly slider system to help individuals calculate their repayments on secured loans in seconds by taking into account credit rating, amount needed and repayment time. The company pledges to provide loans for those with good or bad credit, and will pay valuation fees as well as offering a soft credit search that leaves no permanent record. All these special extras ensure the company has second to none customer service, and their adoption of the new flexible APR clearly demonstrates their commitment to staying on the leading edge.

A spokesperson for Apple Loans explained the process behind the new approach, “With us, individuals can quickly and easily gain a clear understanding of the new system in such a way that will benefit them. We’re aware that competitors may use smoke and mirrors around the new APR system to try and leverage an advantage for themselves on individuals’ loan repayments. By giving customers clarity, we can help them avoid such pitfalls and get the best deal from us, which of course gets us more customers. Honesty is the best policy, and by getting in first, we ensure individuals won’t be hoodwinked by larger companies’ brash advertising that hides the reality down in the small print.”

About Apple Loans: With Apple Loans users can get a quote using the online calculator, and receive a personalised quote direct from an underwriter within 1 hour of applying during business hours. Their promise is to offer the lowest rates on secured loans and mortgages, while offering a truly first class service. Apple Loans text users progress updates direct to their mobile they’re you're always informed as the loan progresses.

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