Apex Star Launches Tenant Background and Credit Check Campaign

Neglecting to obtain information contained in these reports often leads to disaster reports Apex Star.

The housing market appears to be on the rebound, leading many to consider renting property again or making a change with current tenants. When one goes to rent a property, he or she needs to look into obtaining a background check along with a tenant credit check to ensure those coming into the property are reputable and will pay as agreed.

"Studies show landlords who let potential tenants know they must undergo both credit and background checks as part of the screening process tend to have fewer legal issues with tenants. In addition, these tenants tend to stay longer, reducing expenses on the part of the landlord or property manager. Turn to Apex Star for comprehensive, detailed reports on all prospective tenants to save time and money over the long run," John Davis of Apex Star declares.

Landlords and property managers take on risk when renting any type of property and are constantly looking for ways to reduce this risk. The biggest decision which one must make involves choosing tenants which is why these backgrounds checks are of such importance. One cannot afford to make the decision of who to rent to based on emotions. Cold, hard facts are needed to ensure the right selection is made each time, Davis explains.

Apex Star makes use of nationwide data sources and court records when conducting extensive background checks, employment background records, and tenant screening services. Historical data used for this report may go as far back as three decades or more and include items such as utility records, voter registrations, and IRS tax liens. The more information one has when choosing tenants, the easier the process becomes.

Tenant screening reports offered through Apex Star include a full tenant credit check complete with the renter's credit report and FICO score. In addition, one obtains a background check as this helps to guarantee the landlord or property manager knows exactly who he or she is renting to. To acquire this extensive report, the landlord or property manager must receive a signed permission slip or rental application form from the prospective tenant stating the landlord or property manager has the authority to obtain this information.

"Apex Star understands this process becomes expensive over time, especially when one feels the need to reject applicants based on information contained in these reports. The company recommends landlords or property managers collect a fee from the applicants to cover these costs. Sadly, many people lie, and these reports have become a necessity in the rental property industry. Never agree to forgo the report for one or more tenants. Doing so could lead to disaster so ask that they pay the fee. Reputable applicants willingly do so," Davis states.

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Apex Star remains the best place online when one wishes to obtain employment background reports, quality tenant screening services, and extensive background checks. The company utilizes nationwide court records and data sources to uncover hidden details about applicants.

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