Apache Health Releases New Predictive Analytics Module For BI Application

The new module allows healthcare providers to accurately predict cash flow from their medical billing, reports apachemedicalbilling.com.

Premier medical and laboratory billing service provider Apache Health announced the addition of an exciting new module to their popular business intelligence application. The company just released a new predictive analytics feature that allows healthcare providers to accurately predict the cash flow their practice can expect from their medical billing. The module integrates seamlessly with Apache's full suite of features and will help businesses better meet and exceed their financial goals and objectives.

"Healthcare providers care deeply about two things: serving their customers well and consistently increasing their profits so they can keep providing those excellent services. The key to accomplishing these goals is robust business intelligence that gives them access to the vital insights they need to make strategic, data-driven decisions. While our business intelligence application has always been great at assisting providers in addressing important business matters, our new predictive analytics module takes things up a notch by specifically targeting their cash flow management strategy. Our tool helps them improve the accuracy of their financial projections by focusing on expected reimbursement rather than just a list of charges," said Sean McSweeney of Apache Health.

Apache's predictive analytics module takes historical allowed amounts and payment cycle info for each payer and CPT and uses the medical billing service provider's deep database to predict timing and payment. This gives healthcare practices the advantage of knowing when they can expect to receive money, which in turn makes it easier for them to create sound financial strategies that move the practice forward and expand the bottom line.

McSweeney went on to say, "Having provided our medical billing service to many healthcare practices over the years, we understand the challenges they face in managing their finances and increasing overall revenue. The new predictive analytics module will go a long way in helping them maintain profitability as they strive to meet their business goals."

About Apache Health:

Apache Health is a leading national medical billing service. Their comprehensive services include medical billing, coding, accounts receivable and denials management, payer enrollment and contract negotiation, fee schedule consulting, customized patient balance billing tools, and advanced reporting and analytics (business intelligence).

Apache provides laboratory billing service, pain management billing service, orthopedic billing service, ASC billing service, cardiology billing service, and several other specialties. The company has over 200 employees and 5 offices around the United States and depth and excellence in each of the specialties they cover.

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