AOS May Become the Most Popular Public Chain of Privacy Defi Development

AOS public chain was born in 2019 with the position of the new generation of privacy public chain.

The second quarter of 2020 is coming to a close, so is the first half of the year. Affected by the pandemic, countries worldwide have got stuck in the battle against the outbreak. With partial improvement of the epidemic, more and more countries in Asia and Europe are restarting the economy. Global economy is also witnessing partial recovery.

Blockchain with the dual nature of finance and technology is inevitably affected. On the microscopic level, global digital currency market saw a highly synchronized trend with the US stock market in the first quarter. Bitcoin also experienced a round of nosedive in March. After a quarter’s recovery, digital currency quotation has stepped out of the shadows of the nosedive, displaying its unique strength.

On the macroscopic level, after six months’ development, hot spots and discovery trends of the blockchain industry are increasingly clear. Beyond question, the most concerned hot spot in the blockchain industry in the second half of 2020 is Defi application and ipfs, and the leading project filcoin team of the latter announced that the main net will be launched in the next two months. However, as a project with several untrustworthy records, it is hard to predict whether the main net can be smoothly launched. Even if launched, as a project trapped for three years, its trend is extremely blurred.

However, one thing for sure is that the industry heat brought by Defi application successively invigorates many projects with Defi nature. Therefore, the author holds that projects with Defi nature remain strong in the latter half of the year.

Defi is a broad concept which can be interpreted as decentralized general finance. It includes mortgage lending, decentralized trading platform, oracle machine, stable coins, synthetic assets, option derivatives, etc. Compound (COMP) launched recently is a deposit-loan application based on Ethereum. After being launched, its project token COMP realizes an increase of a hundred times. Similar Defi application increases multiple times or even tens of times. Users’ pursuit for the secondary market directly shows how popular Defi is.

Defi has become the trend. With the launch of Ethereum 2.0 version, Defi will continue to occupy the hot spot position of blockchain and become a favorite of the capital.

The author noticed that although there are various Defi applications, privacy anonymity Defi is pretty rare. Defi and privacy is a good match. However, there’s a gap in the market. What caused such a phenomenon?

There are two main reasons. First, privacy public chain technology has not been developed on a large scale. At the very least, privacy technology is not available on the most active Ethereum, EOS and other public chain of Defi application development. Therefore, many ETH on-chain faithful developers can’t realize privacy development; on the other hand, privacy pain point is not faced squarely by the industry.

Privacy Defi is not prevalent, but it doesn’t mean that the market doesn’t need it. Privacy pain point has been in the industry, but it is not faced squarely. The origin of blockchain is decentralization, openness and transparency. However, with the booming of the industry, users gradually find out that privacy protection is a must in blockchain. Subsequently, many anonymous projects have been created by technology geeks, such as Monero, Dash, etc. The later performance of these privacy protects proves the existence necessity of privacy blockchain.

Today, with the expansion of Defi territory, huge privacy Defi needs lurk in the market. The urgency of privacy Defi is in proportion of the industrial pain point. The openness of collateral loan, deposit and other financial activities will seriously affect the experience of some users. Financial flows of large capital will be tracked. More seriously, stable coins circulated in Defi is often eyed by US government agencies. Of course, pain points of Defi are more than that. The exposure of these pain points exactly proves the development inevitability of privacy Defi.

However, considering that ETH can’t support the development of privacy projects at present, is there no privacy Defi in the whole industry?

After an overview of new public chain track, the author finds a quality and high-performance smart contract public chain which supports privacy function — AOS.

After searching AOS with several search engines, the author finds that this is a project from Europe, with its users in several countries and regions including Spain, UK and Russia of Europe, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia of Asia, US and Argentina of America. Number of users is up to over 200,000.

AOS public chain was born in 2019 with the position of the new generation of privacy public chain. At present, performances already realized include Turing-complete smart contract, 10000+TPS, zero knowledge proof programming, one-click issuance privacy assets, ultra-high scalability, etc.

At present, AOS public chain is the best in the whole privacy track field. Both the issuance of privacy assets and the development of privacy application can be deployed on AOS public chain on a large scale.

With the further development of Defi field, privacy Defi application is coming up. AOS enjoys favorable climate and topographic advantages. Climate advantage means privacy function is not available on ETH and other public chains, yet it has already been developed by AOS six months earlier; topographic advantage means AOS is at the first position of privacy track, which is the infrastructure project in privacy field leading the development of the whole privacy track.

At present, everything is ready. AOS is waiting for the timing. It is believed that the timing is coming soon. At that time, privacy Defi on AOS public chain will blossom everywhere.

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