Anyone Can Mine Bitcoin From Anywhere With Revolutionary Bitcoin ASIC Cloud Mining

Mining Bitcoin has become big business, with ASIC Bitcoin mining machines costing many thousands of dollars. For everyday people looking to earn some Bitcoin from mining, cloud mining is the answer.

With the recent Bitcoin to USD exchange rate skyrocketing many people worldwide are now looking to mine Bitcoin easily with ASICs and mint themselves some digital currency.

New Bitcoin cloud mining platform CEX.IO is meeting this demand; anyone worldwide can now easily purchase Bitcoin ASIC mining shares and generate a passive Bitcoin mining income without needing to buy, set up and configure a Bitcoin mining machine. The CEX.IO operation is highly professional: offering 24/7 customer support and a Bitcoin mining guarantee. In the rare event there is ever a problem with CEX.IO's mining equipment in their datacenter, all affected customers will be reimbursed in Bitcoin for their mining losses. Mining Bitcoin with ASICs is now more accessible than ever; anyone can create a CEX.IO account in minutes, deposit some Bitcoin (there is no minimum) and buy some Bitcoin ASIC mining shares. Users' Bitcoin cloud hashing mining shares will begin mining and generating Bitcoin immediately after purchase on the exchange.

The benefits of cloud hashing with CEX.IO are many; no need to buy, set up and configure a Bitcoin ASIC miner, worry about power consumption, connectivity issues, or noise and heat from the hardware. CEX.IO takes care of all of the details so users can get what they really want; the ability to purchase as much hashing power as they can afford and start mining some Bitcoin with the ASICs in CEX.IO's datacenter.

Beyond the Bitcoin mining revenue which purchased cloud hashing shares generate – users also receive Devcoin, Namecoin and IXCoin for free into their accounts. These coins are merge mined with Bitcoin and so in essence are “free coins”. Namecoin can be traded for Bitcoin at CEX.IO, and all three of these established digital currencies can be traded on many other cryptocurrency exchanges online.

The CEX.IO cloud hashing platform also offers an open exchange where users buy and sell their ASIC mining shares; the price is dictated by the open market on the CEX.IO exchange. As well as the mining shares themselves, users can also trade Bitcoin and Namecoin; with plans being made to add IXCoin and Devcoin trading as soon as possible. All hash-rates on the Bitcoin cloud mining platform are guaranteed, and customers always have the option to sell their mining equipment at market price if need be.

With their Bitcoin ASIC mining hash-rate guarantee, the included merge mined coins, the integrated Bitcoin exchange, and the professionalism of the platform – CEX.IO may well be one of the most promising Bitcoin startups to emerge in the last few months. Perhaps, CEX.IO say it best “We advise you to become a member of the CEX.IO exchange platform as soon as possible”.

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