Antony Lolli Is Passionate About Business, Fitness, And Health

Antony explains his desire to help people become financially successful and still be fit and healthy. Having built a real estate empire, he noticed that he had neglected his health, and he worked hard to get back into shape.

Antony Lolli’s self-motivation is incredible. After founding one of the top real estate brokerages in New York, and expanding it to over 100 brokerages across America, he decided to confront what had been up to that point his lifelong battle: weight. He tried diets, worked with the best trainers, and jumped on new trends, but none of this seemed to help him get into shape. Pushed by his daughter, he embarked on a journey of discovering the best way of achieving his fitness goals, and he learned how to alter his habits and achieve the results that he wanted. Antony shares with us on helping people become fit and healthy without struggling.

Most people focus too much on achieving financial success that they neglect their health, and as Antony confesses, for 20 years he had prioritized money over his health. Apart from his real estate brokerage that made him a multi-millionaire, Antony also co-authored a bestselling book (The Heart of the Deal: How to Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul), started a real estate school, founded a multimedia production and talent management company, appeared on leading TV networks, invested in small businesses, and received numerous awards for his business acumen.

Antony reveals that despite all his success, he was still not happy because his fitness and health had been in poor condition. He discloses that he had always been big since childhood and it bothered him. At first, he was not successful in finding a solution to his weight issues, but he eventually found a method that worked, which helped him lose 125 pounds in less than one year.

Antony divulges that he has acquired a ton of skills from his fitness journey, which is why he teamed up with James Hergott, the producer of Radical Body Transformations, an Amazon prime docuseries, to film the next season and show people simple techniques they can follow to lose weight and get into great shape. Antony reveals that his company, Lolli Brands Entertainment, has published a documentary about him, “From Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli” that relates his fitness journey and transformation.

With thriving businesses, and having won many body transformation awards, Antony Lolli says that he wants to help people achieve their fitness goals just as he always helped people achieve financial success.

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