Antamedia Launches Update To Wifi Hotspot Software With New Hotspot Version 5

Antamedia has launched its largest ever update to their Hotspot Wi-Fi management program, offering superior performance to hotels and other public Wi-Fi providers.

Free Wi-Fi is rapidly evolving from a premium service to a basic expectation that all consumers want from venues, hotels, cafes and more. Providing free wi-fi can increase the level of satisfaction consumers experience and cause them to increase their loyalty to a given brand. Antamedia specializes in providing public Wi-Fi management solutions to major businesses throughout the globe as well as SMEs, and has now launched its biggest ever update to the Hotspot management system.

The new Cloud Hotspot Software, Hotspot V5, has been developed over two years, with a systematic review and revision of every single Hotspot feature. As a result, it includes a wide range of fixes and improvements, with more options than ever before, and offers security fixes that resolve newly discovered vulnerabilities.

In addition to improvements in features, there is also an improvement in performance. The Hotel WiFi Software update includes a new, faster network driver that brings increased network performance to the table, allowing higher customer speeds, as well as increased stability for higher capacity internet links.

The new update supports more PMS interfaces than ever, including Oracle Opera PMS and Fidelio Suite8 PMS (IFC Part Number 5009-313), IDS Fortune Next, Medallion, Protel, InnQuest, ICG, Clarity, King Smart, TCA POS Innsist and more.

Finally, improvements have been made to user experience. The interface has been optimized to work better, offer easier setup, greater customizability and more. As a result, Version 5 is the most complete and feature-rich update since the very first Hotspot release in 2006. Businesses can upgrade to the new version from any previous version.

A spokesperson for Antamedia explained, “This update is the most complete overhaul of the system since it was first created, and that system is now being used by tens of thousands of businesses. With this new update, we want to increase our market share to one hundred thousand, and one of the most significant updates has been to scalability, making this program work for small and medium sized businesses while still offering better performance than ever to multinationals. It’s an exciting time for any business needing a Wi-Fi management system.”

About Antamedia: Antamedia was one of the first WiFi companies to develop PC-based WiFi management software back in 2006, and has since created world-leading management systems. They are now looking for worldwide partners with a new cloud-based offering. Their products are currently used in 170 countries by 30,000 businesses and major brands like Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Nasa, Coca Cola, as well as mid-sized and small businesses. Their WiFi management can fit any requirements.

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