Announcing The Launch Of The Nasty Navigator iOS App!

This new app brings fun to boring car rides and makes drivers laugh all the way to their destination, reports

There are a plethora of options out there when it comes to navigation apps. Unfortunately, most of them offer the same exact thing. For those who are tired of the same old boring navigational directions their GPS system uses and are on the hunt for a fun and exciting way to get the directions they need on the way to their destination, good news is on the horizon. The Nasty Navigator App is here to save the day - or at least the car ride.

"Let's face it: car rides tend to be boring. GPS navigation apps don't make them any less so with their drab turn-by-turn instructions. Fortunately, we're on a mission to make car rides fun again. The Nasty Navigator app adds an element of surprise to the ride by cussing you out while you drive to your destination. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely for those who love to have fun," said one Mad Ventures LLC representative.

To use the app, users simply complete an Apple iOS Download and open it on an Apple device. From there, the Nasty Navigator will begin to curse at drivers every time they launch the app. The app will curse & throw obnoxious random phrases at drivers every three minutes during their drive. It will also cuss them out when they miss a turn or arrive at their destination. Those with parents or kids in the car can just turn the Nasty Navigator FTS switch off to stop the profanity during their drive.

The representative went on to say, "This is the one and only iOS navigation app that utilizes a human to provide profane & obnoxious running commentary while you drive to your destination. If you're tired of the same automated voices utilized in other navigation systems and are open to being cussed out by an app so you can laugh all the way to your destination, the Nasty Navigator App is for you."

Visit the app's Website at to learn more about Nasty Navigator and discover how to download it today.

About Mad Ventures LLC:

Mad Ventures LLC are the creators of the Nasty Navigator App. Currently available for iOS, the Nasty Navigator App provides drivers with the option to change the voice command response on their GPS applications into something humanized in nature but rude, crude and funny. With catchy phrases and obnoxious commentary, the app keeps drivers and passengers laughing all the way to their destination.

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