Announcing The Launch Of The Learning Appropriate Touch App

Developed by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, the app teaches children how to identify appropriate and inappropriate touch with family, friends, and others, reports

The development team behind Learning Appropriate Touch (LAT) is pleased to announce the official launch of their brand-new app. Developed by a BCBA, the new technology uses applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles and techniques to teach which body regions are appropriate, inappropriate, and circumstantial to touch across friends, family members, strangers, teachers, and doctors. In addition, users learn where it is appropriate or inappropriate for them to be touched by others. The ABA-based app is currently available for iOS users to download in the Apple App Store.

One representative of the Learning Appropriate Touch development team commented, "Statistics show that individuals with disabilities have a significantly higher chance of both being inappropriately touched and inadvertently doing the same to others because of a misunderstanding about the issue. Similarly, many children don't know how to identify a potentially dangerous situation due to the same lack of knowledge. Having a clear understanding of the concept of appropriate touch is essential to keep these individuals safe. For those who work with individuals who have trouble understanding the concept of appropriate touch and have been looking for an instructional tool, the new Learning Appropriate Touch app is just what they need."

To use the app, administrators can simply create a profile. Once the primary account is established, multiple users can be added with unique passwords. Administrators have access to all users' information, including current progress within the app and personal information. In addition, they have the option to modify the regions designated to appropriate, inappropriate, and circumstantial for each level for each user. This approach to app design contributes to individualized learning.

Once users have been added to the account, they'll work their way through various levels, moving through three different sublevels in each level - which consist of different levels of prompting used in ABA. In order to progress through each sublevel, a score of 90 percent or higher is required. Users receive points, coins, and tokens to reinforce correct responses which are indicated by designated sound effects. The end goal is for users to generalize what they learned in the app and apply it to their everyday contexts.

The app controls prompting and progress, so without having any knowledge in ABA, parents and teachers can utilize a research-based method of teaching. Once LAT is downloaded, there is minimal set-up, and then the app does the rest.

The representative went on to say, "The concept of appropriate touch has significant social validity, and the Learning Appropriate Touch app aims to change lives through a fun, interactive teaching program. We sincerely believe this app can be of great benefit to many people and are proud to offer it to those who have been looking for a viable solution."

Download the Learning Appropriate Touch App for iOS today!

About Learning Appropriate Touch App:

Learning Appropriate Touch aims to introduce and teach skills related to appropriate touch. This app was created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and incorporates Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies, which are evidence-based, such as: stimulus prompting, immediate feedback, and reinforcement.

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