Announcing Important Need To Know Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly large problem across the United States, and yet many people have very little knowledge or understanding about these persistent pests.

The real story about Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs continue to be an increasingly large problem across the United States. Baltimore and Washinton DC are now ranked 1 and 2 as having the worst bed bug problem in the united States, according to Foxnews. A few decades ago, bed bugs were all but obsolete in the United States. Concentrated efforts to rid the nation of these blood-sucking pests had them on the run, but in the late 1990s, they came back with a vengeance and have been a major problem ever since.

It is assumed that bed bugs only infest areas in which there are large concentrations of people, such as major cities and third-world nations. However, bed bugs are found in the most rural areas of the United States, and cases are reported every year from all 50 states.

Freezing Bed Bugs is not as effecitive as heat treatment. Freezing methods are imprecise and often leave bed bugs as well as their eggs intact, causing re-infestations within a short period of time. Treatments that use heat are beleived to be more effective.

There are also several different types of bed bugs in existence, as well as various insects that act like or mimic bed bugs. Recently, Florida reported a case of tropical bed bugs, a species that had not been seen in the United States for 60 years. While the case found seemed to be isolated, there is cause for concern that these tropical bed bugs may spread throughout the warmer areas of the country, including the Deep South.

Bed bugs can survive for a long time without feeding. This means that a person can think the insects have been eradicated or removed by DIY techniques only to find themselves suffering from bed bug bites again later. Months can pass before a bed bug needs to feed again.

Bed bugs are also smart and sneaky. They're good at hiding and will spend the daylight hours in the creases and seams of a mattress or of furniture. This makes it tough to find them if a person suspects there is an infestation. Oftentimes, the first signs of bed bugs are bites on a person's body.

Clusters of small red bite marks upon waking are often indicative of beg bugs. Some people have extreme allergic reactions to the bites, causing large welts and hives, which is a reaction to the anesthetic properties of the bed bug saliva that numbs the skin to the bite.

If any bugs are detected on a mattress or a piece of furniture and/or mysterious bites are found on a person's body, calling a professional extermination company is necessary to deal with the problem once and for all.

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