Announcing Concrete Sealing Battles Freeze-Thaw Cycle To Eliminate Expansion And Contraction In Concrete Surfaces

Concrete sealing is an action which helps to decrease the damage done during the destructive freeze-thaw cycle in Colorado. The cycle is characterized by warm temperatures during daytime and very cold temperatures at night.

Concrete sealing is recommended to homeowners in order to decrease or eliminate expansion and contraction in concrete surfaces, due to variations in temperature during days and nights. These temperature fluctuations will ultimately lead to concrete pops and spalling and scaling. The purpose of the concrete sealer is to protect the surface of the concrete. This action will allow the surface of your concrete in order to become more durable and last longer. When the concrete surface is treated with a sealer, it will be less likely to need patching each year.

Sealing the concrete surface is helpful for garage floors, basement floors and for commercial space surfaces. When an epoxy sealer is applied over prepared concrete, the result is a smooth, weather and moisture-resistant finish. While outdoor surfaces are subject to temperature fluctuations that cause deterioration of the surface, indoor concrete also benefits from the application of an epoxy finish.

Sealers which protect the surface of the concrete are a financial investment. They are also an effective way of beautifying the area. Epoxy sealers come in a range of colors. Application methods will allow for a number of textures such as a pebbled look. Epoxy adds beauty to surfaces such as patios.

Sealing the concrete surface can be done by a reputable professional team in a relatively short period of time. The time required will depend on upon the type of epoxy that is used and the thickness of the epoxy layers. Typically a smooth and dry finish can be applied in a few hours and be ready for use within 24 to 48 hours.

Epoxy is easy to clean, since moisture, grease, and other liquids do not penetrate the epoxy coating. For some types of epoxy, simple water clean-up is adequate to restore shine and attractiveness. The surface is long-lasting and retains its beauty over years of use.

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