Anhbinh22 Awarded Best Household Plastic Seller in Vietnam

Anhbinh22 was announced to best the top household plastic seller in Vietnam according to the last financial year.

Anhbinh22 received an award for being the best Anhbinh22 - household plastic seller in Vietnam. The organization is known for its high volume sales over the years, but this is the first time it has received such a prestigious award.

The firm’s sales chart was through the roof in the last financial year, and management believes that it will be even better this year. The reason for such high sales is a high-quality plastic used by the company to create various items.

Two of its most sold products include chairs and plastic pallets. The pallets are used for industrial and housework and are needed regularly for several purposes. They are involved in selling it to numerous businesses and households; this consists of quite a sales margin every year. These top-notch pallets are used for stacking, protecting, storing, etc. of materials at warehouses and other places.

The CEO expressed his joy by saying, “Everyone in this organization is happy to have achieved such accomplishment in such a short period since this company’s inception. Being the best plastic seller in Vietnam is on our list and has finally achieved it. Now our focus is to stay in this course and keep our sales skyrocketing every year.”

Apart from the pallets, the high-quality plastic chair is another product this organization sells on a massive scale each year. This company is somewhat of a pioneer in creating plastic chairs with ideal plastic materials that are durable and last quite along. These chairs can be used in household work as well as commercial purposes.

The sales team believes that this year they will be able to sell even more and create a more significant sales margin than the last year. If reports of the marketing analysts are to be believed, they will sell nearly double the amount this year.

Another product, sale of which is increasing at a steady pace, is the plastic wardrobe. It is easy to use an item that can be cleaned easily as well as move from one spot to another without any hassle.

The sales head of this firm remarked, “We are happy to receive this award and are looking forward to our next challenge. We know we will sell more plastic products this year and are ready to serve more customers from every corner of Vietnam. We are ready to increase the sales of our company and take it to a new height.”

Hence, a Duy Tan plastic cabinet, chair, wardrobe, or any other item, people know which is going to place now. Also, the company seems to achieve more accolades and accomplishments in the coming years.

About the company:
AB22 is a seller of top-grade plastic products in Vietnam. It has recently received numerous awards and is currently one of the best plastic products’ sellers in this nation. They are known for selling ideal plastic chairs, wardrobe, cabinet, and more.

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