AngrySolSantas Launches the First Multiplayer FREEMIUM Game with a 100k Cash Prize at the key

AngrySolSantas is the world's first-ever massively multiplayer NFT battle-royale game integrated directly with Twitter and Solana blockchain, where players compete for up to $100,000.

AngrySolSantas (ASS) is the world's first play2win NFT Twitter battle royale based on the Solana blockchain, where players can compete to win up to $100,000. In comparison, current games require users to use a closed gaming platform to be involved. AngrySolSantas decided to be different, developing a game where users interact & battle with each other over one of the largest social platforms in the world - Twitter! Using Twitter and a simple dashboard as the gaming platform opens up a world of possibilities and complex emergent mechanics.

AngrySolSantas has combined Twitter with their game dashboard, enabling players to find friends or foes, form alliances or engage in battle, with every battle outcome being posted publicly on Twitter. It is one of the first times the world is experiencing the next generation of metaverse gaming & it's all coming to people from a game called AngrySolSantas! All required is a Solana wallet and a Twitter account to play for a holder. With AngrySolSantas, the game aims to be the last one standing to win up to a $100k Jackpot. Users can buy bombs, power-ups, and even more, NFTs to make themselves stronger & battle other players to reign supreme.

The team has a working, interactive dynamic inter-wallet competition that allows players to affect the scores of other wallets by throwing bombs and boosting their wallets. All scored on a public leaderboard with Twitter and discord bots with much more exotic power-ups. This game encourages strong deflationary mechanics for collecting, holding, and burning Santas to drive increased value, most importantly WITHOUT requiring a game platform. The entire game plays out in public, on Twitter.

Angry.Capital has developed a unique system for participating, taking inspiration from some of the most successful games on the market. This battle royale will be free to play. Every player starts with health and $ANGRY tokens; $ ANGRY is the energy used to attack other players to reduce their health; once the health goes zero, the player is out! However, players can influence the game's outcome by purchasing power-ups, bombs, and adding more AngrySolSanta NFTs to your collection who can generate $ANGRY tokens and HEALTH.

Every player with de-listed Santas in their wallet is in with a chance of receiving SOL airdrops daily during the games. All Santa holders have access to Angry.DAO, and after the games, will redistribute the fees accumulated to Santa holders with instruction from the Angry DAO. All the games are designed with deflationary mechanics, community growth, and fair competition in mind. Every Santa is valuable. A token launch and much more in February are awaiting the crypto enthusiasts.

A dedicated ANGRY brain algorithm layer monitors wallet behaviours to generate a fun interactive game with complex emergent mechanics. But for the first time, users will be able to dynamically interact & compete with other members of the community of holders of the NFTs of the project to compete for up to 100,000 USD in prizes to be awarded in the AngrySolSantas Battle-Royale.

The initial minting of 1111 unique algorithmically generated AngrySolSanta NFTs will take place on the 23rd of December 2021. There will be a limited whitelist allocation for early supporters for 0.2 SOL. It ranges from 0.2 on the whitelist to 0.25 for the public sale to mint 1 AngrySolSanta. Also, investors must keep in mind that AngrySolSantas are available on the Solana blockchain.

For better understanding and further information, determined crypto-enthusiasts can visit Discord and Twitter.

Contact Info:
Name: Solal Fima
Email: Send Email
Organization: AngrySolSantas (ASS)

Release ID: 89057888