Angel Investors, BrainBox Investment Ltd. Provide Technology Start-up Funding

Entrepreneurs struggling to get their tech start-up off the ground may wish to seek the help of angel investors like BrainBox Investment Ltd. is a website created to provide funding and support for tech entrepreneurs that have great business ideas and enable socially responsible investors to invest in them, BrainBox Investment Ltd. will donate 25% of the money their fund makes to charities chosen by the entrepreneur.

BrainBox Investment are looking to invest in Mobile technology, Engineering technology, Medical technology, Music technology, Gaming technology and Internet technology start-ups. The company was founded by three highly successful entrepreneurs and can offer new companies in the above sectors funding up to £20,000, mentoring with business plans, financial projections, marketing and presentations. The company can also help the start-ups they work with to identify second round investors.

Unlike banks, angel investors have a vested interest in seeing the companies they work with succeed. Should the joint efforts of BrainBox Investment and the start-up they are helping prove unsuccessful, the start-up entrepreneur will not be required to repay any investment funds that have been provided. With their expertise and support the BrainBox team believe it will be very unlikely their investments won't succeed.

BrainBox have created the below infomercial for young entrepreneurs and tech start-ups.

Anyone with a bit of spare cash sitting in the bank earning 0% may also want to look at what BrainBox Investment Ltd. has to offer, the company is keen to work with start-up investors who have as little as £500 to invest. BrainBox Investment say, “We offer an investment opportunity that spreads your risk across a minimum of 10 start-up businesses.”

All investors will be given a dedicated investor dashboard and login, in their dashboard investors will be kept up to date on the progress of the projects that their money has been invested in. BrainBox say they will match all investment funds they receive from the private investors. Investing with BrainBox will offer the ability to invest in some of the brightest ideas and niche technology, the invested cash will always be spread over 10 companies reducing the investors exposure to risk.

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