Andrew Lavoott Bluestone, leading malpractice lawyer, reveals how he wins extremely difficult legal malpractice cases in NYC, New York

Andrew Lavoott Bluestone, the leading new york legal malpractice attorney, has just announced how he is helping clients overcome the difficulty of proving and winning a legal malpractice lawsuit when you're the plaintiff.

Leading new york legal malpractice attorney Andrew Lavoott Bluestone has just announced how he is helping clients overcome the difficulty of proving that the plaintiff in a legal malpractice lawsuit not only has a case but the law firm in question was at fault.

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Even if a client has a good case, according to Mr. Bluestone, "a malpractice case can be very difficult to win, mainly due to proving the 4 key elements of this type of lawsuit."

Andrew Lavoott Bluestone uses a three step approach to navigate this legal minefield.

1 Free Telephone Consultation

The first thing that a potential client can expect while seeking legal advice from the Bluestone Law Firm is a free-of-charge phone call to review documents related to the case. This allows Mr. Bluestone, who estimated that he has listened to more than 10,000 legal malpractice stories, gets a clearer picture of the case.

When asked about the benefits of this process, Mr. Bluestone replied, “There’s a good faith basis to all this, because I’m not going to take on a case that I can’t win. I decide for myself whether or not the case can be won for my client and the only way to do that is give them a fair hearing.”

Mr. Bluestone does not limit his document search to what the client can provide; as he is able to access databases and sift through court documents such as dockets at both the state and federal levels. These documents further help in assessing whether or not a plaintiff has sufficient evidence to build a case.

If Mr. Bluestone decides to move forward with the case, then he files a summons or complaint at either the state or federal level depending on the needs of the client.

2 Process Efficiency

The immediate next step a client can expect is ‘Discovery’.

When asked to summarize this phase Andrew Lavoott Bluestone was quoted as saying, “In my experience the discovery stage is used by the other side to derail the whole process through things like document dumps or bombarding you with millions of questions. These are an attempt by the defense to make it too costly for the plaintiff’s side to continue litigating.”

However, Mr. Bluestone has a way around this.

When asked to elaborate, he said, “One safeguard we offer is mitigating this through automation, which helps in handling documents in a more timely and efficient manner,” he said.

In fact, Andrew Lavoott Bluestone runs a state of the art paperless office, something that was recognized no less than by Hewlett Packard.

One of the main goals during discovery is for Mr. Bluestone to prepare a list of structured questions to ask in a deposition “after digesting the paperwork” that ties into a premeditated strategy.

“Part of this strategy consists of two aspects. The first is to further prepare the case for trial, and the second is to move the other side into a fair settlement by making them realize they are going to lose,” he said.

3 Proving The 4 Elements During Trial

All of the preparation in discovery allows Mr. Bluestone, to prove the four elements required to generate a winning outcome during trial.

When asked to elaborate, Mr. Bluestone said, “The first thing is that you have to provide evidence that the client’s previous attorney made a mistake.”

The second thing is you need to prove that this particular mistake led to a bad result affecting the client’s life.”

“The third element is proving that there would have been a different better outcome for the plaintiff had the mistake not occurred.”

“And lastly the fourth thing is you need to do is prove that the client suffered ascertainable money and economic damages that resulted from that particular mistake.”

Although this makes legal malpractice an incredibly complex area of the law Andrew Lavoott Bluestone has succeeded where many have failed.

This includes a number of notable cases that can be found on his website.

Bluestone is a leader in the field of Legal Malpractice and Professional Responsibility cases. He is a Diplomate and Board Certified in Legal Malpractice by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, recognized by the ABA and the Appellate Division. He has been cited in “Best Lawyers in America” since 2012.

He also teaches law students on the subject as an adjunct professor of Law at St. John’s University School of Law and is the author of 32 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on Legal Malpractice and regularly contributes articles on Legal Malpractice to the New York Law Journal.

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