Andrea Doven Discusses Checking Job References

Andrea Doven, a noted hiring and recruiting expert, recently discussed the value of job references and how they can give employers insight into a potential employee's fit for a company.

Andrea Doven has spent many years in the human resources industry and, as a result, has conducted many job interviews. According to Doven, “The hiring process is a process of data gathering and due diligence. Reference checking can be a gold mine of you do it right.”

According to Doven, one elementary mistake that employers make when they are given a reference is to assume that a good report means the candidate did a good job. “The only reason you have been given this reference by the candidate is because the person you are contacting has been set up to give nothing short of a glowing report. Your job is to find something about the person you don’t already know, surprise the reference, find the small blade of grass and pull on it.”

In order to find out the truth about candidates, Doven recommends that employers ask several important questions of their references. “First and foremost, establish the position of the candidate in relation to the reference. Was that person a direct supervisor or a colleague? Supervisors, particularly those who worked closely with the candidate, are much more likely to give a full report of that person’s performance than a ‘buddy.'” Further, Doven notes that finding out how long the person worked for the supervisor is important, as the longer a candidate was in a job the more likely the supervisor is to know important details. Additionally, finding out how many people reported to the candidate and what the job title entailed is also important.

However, according to Doven, the most important question of all is simple: “Why did the candidate leave his or her job?” The answer to this question, which is often unexpected, will usually give great insight into whether the candidate is being truthful in his or her new application.

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About Andrea Doven: Andrea Doven, daughter of actor Robert Morse and dancer Carole D’andrea, is a native of New York City and the 20-year director of human resources and logistics at Odin Films. She is known as the “woman who makes the trains run,” and for the past 10 years has used her talents as the VP of Human Resources at an international tech company. She has an extraordinary record of establishing effective personnel management systems at all levels and is consistently consulted by professionals in a variety of industries and organizations for help in hiring and placing qualified employees.

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