Analysis of Paragon: NFT Fragmentation is the Best Choice of Promoting Liquidity

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Paragon came into being as demanded by the times, which is an independent project in the distributed community and committed to NFT fragmentation.

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In the past few months, NFT transactions have grown exponentially worldwide. NFT is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. Unlike Bitcoin, dollar and ETH, which are identical and worth the same, NFTs are unique.

The Growth and Breakthrough of NFT
The total market value and transaction scale of NFT have increased rapidly since 2021, but the concept of NFT still remains unknown to many people. As for the insiders, it is also difficult to participate and earn the early dividends. The inadequate liquidity of NFT assets, low incentives and poor user experiences are the three obstacles that hinder the ecological development of NFT and discourage many participants. Therefore, the important direction for NFT now is to find the solutions to improving NFT asset liquidity, incentives and users’ experiences.

Paragon came into being as demanded by the times, which is an independent project in the distributed community and committed to NFT fragmentation. Paragon is the NFT platform based on multiple-chains including BSC, HECO and Polkadot, covering NFT creation, transaction, auction, mortgage and other ecological applications. The fragmentation technology in Paragon protocol can improve both the liquidity and incentives of NFT assets.

Fragmentation of NFT Assets
How does Paragon improve the liquidity of NFT assets? If a picture is worth 1,000 ETHs, the price will be too high to be afforded by the users though it is sought after by many. After the fragmentation of NFT assets, more users can buy the shards at a lower price; average investors can buy a small number like liquidity tokens.

Paragon's technical team focuses on the R&D of fragmentation technology, splitting the NFT assets into several shards. The fragmentation protocol has fully registered Paragon’s highlights and advantages. NFT shards can connect with DEX platforms and perform liquidity mining. Besides, Paragon supports owners to split their NFT into different shards so that they can enjoy the price appreciation and receive dividend, directly channeling incentives of NFT to more people.

NFT fragmentation can also bring more benefits to the creators, enabling their supporters to possess parts of the works and establishing the bonds among the shard owners. The bonds can encourage supporters to make contributions to community sales, influencing NFT values. With massive owners and strong liquidity, more people will participate in the supervision of patents and combat counterfeits, which benefits both the creators and NFT owners.

NFT Content Universe
NFT Content Universe provides optimum solutions to improving the users’ experiences of NFT asset collection and transaction, committed to sound interaction and rich presentation of NFT content. First, Paragon will offer tools that support immersive experiences of NFT including multi-medias like 3d model, music, video, VR picture and VR video, which best presents NFT works in the optimum environment and offers better experiences through high-end NFT technologies. Second, Paragon supports rich NFT interactions and seamlessly integrates the interactions with mobile operations. Third, Paragon provides NFT-customized decentralized mobile wallets, which enables users to receive the latest and valuable news of NFT on the mobile terminal.

We should further explore the values of Paragon protocols and its fragmentation technology which promote the rapid development of the overall NFT ecology. NFT transaction, just like that of other cryptocurrencies, will become the rigid demand. Paragon is expected to become the breakthrough in NFT market, which deserves our close attention!

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