Anaheim DUI Lawyer Creates New Interactive "Think Before You Drink" Project

With the rise in local DUI offences and sobriety checkpoints, Anaheim DUI lawyer Leo Rubenstein creates online access to "Think Before You Drink" – an interactive database for free tips and advice for anyone facing a DUI under California Law, including specialist lawyer listings.

The most recent DUI Defender survey results, based on the hundreds of lawyers who took part, confirmed that word of mouth is still leading as the most popular method (54%). Perhaps surprisingly, is the fact that almost 40% of their clients utilize the Internet to find a local DUI lawyer, whereas more traditional media outlets like radio, television, and printed media, came in at less than 4% in the latest survey.

Although arrests and DUI convictions are on the rise nationally, most accused do manage to post bail. This allows them time and discretion to search the Internet for experienced lawyers without the embarrassment of explaining their predicament when asking friends or family for the best referrals.

DUI lawyers are making a continual effort to boost their online presence and visibility on the web, by investing more money to advertise on DUI-oriented websites and creating more professional sites with the intention of drawing in brand-new clients and leads.

Due to this development, there are now more DUI-related sites than any other kind of specific law practice, surpassing even that of personal injury legal sites, which have until now been the most widespread. This paradigm shift in strategy by DUI lawyers has actually caused major investing cuts in television, radio and paper advertising. The study likewise showed clearly, that most DUI lawyers get a much higher return on investment from online advertising than standard traditional offline advertising approaches.

The latest research confirms the predicted increasing usage of the Internet by the general public to discover local professional DUI lawyers and the trend may continue upward over time, possibly exceeding word-of-mouth referrals.

As a pioneer of online legal information, PHD are currently refining the first fully online interactive database, where both clients and visitors can log in and gain complete access to all the documentation they may need to properly and accurately assess their current situation. The idea is not a non-lawyer DIY solution for clients, but rather offers the opportunity for them to research and define realistic expectations. Having a more personal understanding of their individual predicament not only helps accept responsibility, but also saves a lot of time when actually discussing the case with their lawyer.

DUI lawyer Leo Rubenstein, head of the PHD project development team, explains, "The law in California for a DUI first offender is considerably more lenient than a repeat offender. With that said, there are still serious consequences. For example, even though the offense is classified as misdemeanor, in addition to the minimum jail time requirement you may also face a fine of up to $2,000. There may also be some community service."

Mr. Rubenstein continues, "For repeat DUI offenders, it gets even more serious. Your license may be suspended, your car may be impounded and you may even be required to have an ignition lock installed, ensuring that offenders are kept from drunk driving by estimating the BAC level of the driver."

Mr. Rubenstein went on to say, "it is our hope that both clients and potential clients find this information helpful and that it translates to a better understanding of how we best can help them get through the process."

The new PHD project, "Think Before You Drink", allows anyone interested to access the ever-growing central information center and search for precisely the information they are seeking. At the moment, the project primarily focuses on California law. However, with time, the PHD project development team plan to expand this service to include other states.

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