An Exclusive Interview of Agetha Lee, the Pioneer of Global Fashion English Lecture Show

Agetha Lee, the founder of Universal Voice, a world-class English lecture show, accepted an exclusive interview recently.

Agetha Lee, the founder of Universal Voice, a world-class English lecture show, accepted an exclusive interview and said simply about the founder of Agetha Vision International discussed by global media last year: "there is a long way for Universal Voice to go; it needs to be recognized all over the world and we are exploring. Winning the title of a high quality show globally, we attach great importance to each show."

Universal Voice was a world-class English lecture show founded by Agetha Lee, an American trainer in 2016, focusing on world figures, and selecting lectures from fashion, politics, innovation and business. The world-class English lectures held in Cannes, France and Carnegie Hall in New York can be reputed as the "Oscar" in lecture circle. Agetha Lee sets a higher demand to herself, and wishes to hold high-level and large scale performances. The world-class English performance financing RMB tens of millions in China in Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center accommodating 18,000 people is almost equal to Buffett's shareholders meeting. This year shall witness Agetha Vision's cooperation with well-known entertainment and cultural companies globally to add fuel to performance of European and American artists. Reputed as a high quality English lecture show with a high degree of global attention, the Universal Voice is engaged in spreading global thinking and connecting numerous infinite possibilities; moreover Agetha Lee hopes to explore new ways of entertainment from perspectives of global conferences and US independent programming.

Serving as an independent media, Universal Voice is as influential as Forbes and BBC engaged in figures appraisal and election, and boasts of a global journalist team. Agetha Lee will invite many people experienced in from high-end media to join her company. Currently, the Agetha Vision is introducing more English lecture trainings, and trainings aimed at world-class CEOs, therefore a global CEO College is established where trainings like global refinement etiquette and global productivity are given, and world's top etiquette teachers and well-known teachers in productivity acceleration are invited.

An observation to her experiences will show that she is a person never afraid of hardships. Giving lectures in primary schools and traveling globally for two years, she sets up business in China and the United States later. She launches a world-class lecture, exclusively interviews world-class CEOs, and makes films. "The world is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and we emphasize our roles in world layout strongly; I really wish to meet influential people in the world and redefine their leadership; lecture should be inspiring, and this is the significance for our platform." Agetha solemnly tells reporters. "We will continue to improve our capital and team power, and to meet more possibilities. Currently, a series of lecture layouts are arranged in the US and we shall carry out challenging world-class meetings, to quickly expand visibility by virtue of more institutions and organizations."

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