Americhip Creates Innovative Direct Mailer With Digital Content Web Key Capabilities

Web Key capabilities creates innovative direct mailer.

Americhip is a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of Multisensory marketing and advertising, including the Americhip webkey. A Webkey is a small USB drive programmed to open a specific URL when inserted into a computer which allows users to view a video, scan relevant data or read additional product materials. By adding a webkey to one of Americhip's dimensional mailers, clients are able to grab attention and offer additional interactive information in a digital format. Webkeys also allow companies to track a variety of information about consumers, including length of visit, user location, and user engagement. Webkeys are an innovative way to increase traffic to a URL directly from the print collateral or direct mail piece.

On a recent project, Americhip worked directly with Genentech and its agency, Flashpoint Medica LLC to raise awareness in the medical field about Actemra, a prescription drug for moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. The client understood that physicians are backlogged with direct mailers and advertisements on different medications. However, this creative mailer gave physicians easy access to important digital content through the embedded webkey. This tri-fold mailer included a jackknife slide out web key that linked to important information test data, safety information and trial results. The mailer was sleek, professional and communicated information in an efficient manner, and it drew strong attention from the target audience.

Americhip has over fifteen years of experience creating Multisensory solutions that incorporate video, audio, lights, dimension and specialty materials. As the leading supplier of value-added dimensional print, Americhip specializes in upgrading standard print programs into high-impact spectaculars. Americhip's innovative advertising solutions deliver brand messaging that instantly connects with its audience. Past Americhip's products have earned the highest Starch score in the history of the polling company and regularly delivers unprecedented stopping power, brand recall and pass along.

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Americhip, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the nation's leader in the design, development and manufacture of video, audio and lighted microchip products and dimensional print for publishing, packaging, direct mail, shopper marketing, premiums and specialty gift cards. The company has earned a reputation as an innovative partner who can help Fortune 500 companies reach and engage their target audiences in a wholly unique manner. Americhip operates in over twenty countries on six continents. For more information about Americhip, call 888/702-3382 or visit

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