American Patients Are Crossing Oceans to See Dr. Song

3D prostate treatment seeing huge interest from foreigners.

The Dr Song’s 3D clinic has spent the last 28 years honing its craft in developing treatment for prostatitis and unlike western medicine does not look to band aid the problem by treating symptoms. Through medical breakthroughs the Song lab has been able to develop what it calls a 3D prostate treatment. The treatment looks to treat pathogen (viral and bacterial based) infections of the disease, selectively killing off any unwanted/foreign invaders. Word of mouth from Chinese patients has spread like wire fire all over the globe, creating demand from even those from the most distant places to see Dr. Song.

Not all patients are alike, therefore not all medications should be alike. The Song lab has taken a patient centric approach, in that the patient is first examined and the cause of the prostatitis is determined, from the determination step Dr. Song or his colleagues can create a custom plan to treat and alleviate the patient of his prostate issues. The determination steps involve many tests and samples being taken for analyzation. From the analyzation the song lab creates specific injections that are used to destroy the pathogens. Once pathogens are destroyed they and any calcification in the urinary track are removed through the discharge step. This combination of determining, destroying, and discharging is also known as the 3D prostate treatment.

The 3D treatment is unlike western medicine in which it looks to treat the disease. Western medicine looks to alleviate symptoms, leaving patients vulnerable to sickness if or when they stop taking them. The 3D prostate treatment takes a more holistic approach and looks to destroy the disease. This contrast has led to many Americans crossing continents to get treatment. The 3D prostate treatment USA has become so popular that translators are being hired to help the hospital staff understand and treat the patients even better. With western rates of prostatitis on the rise it would only make sense that this intrigue in China has gone up.

China has become a viable option to treat prostatitis thanks to the Dr Song’s 3d clinic, people from around the globe are looking to cure and not treat prostatitis and the 3D prostate treatment provides just that.

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