American Movie Company on the Set of Liz Garbus’s “#NotOkay” Viral Video

American Movie Company provides video production services for Humanity for Hillary viral video.

Unwanted sexual advances are never okay.

The American Movie Company was recently contacted by Tangerine Entertainment to provide Interrotron services for a Humanity for Hillary viral video shoot. The video would be a response to Donald Trump’s comments about and attitude toward women, as evidenced by the recent sexual assault/harassment allegations against him. After the “Access Hollywood” tape was released, many women used various social media outlets to come forward and tell their own sexual assault and harassment stories using #NotOkay.

It quickly became one of the largest trending topics in the nation.

Liz Garbus’s team created a star studded video to focus attention to the issue. The video focuses on several women who have been sexually assaulted, harassed and raped. Their descriptions of these tragic events are juxtaposed with cuts from the media in which Donald Trump’s actions are discussed. Most of these media clips defend Trump’s behavior as “boyish” and refer to his comments as “locker room talk”. The video also includes Trump’s reaction to these allegations. He doesn’t address them seriously, instead inserting levity into these issues. The video ends with women and stars, including Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg, and Amy Schumer, stating that this type of behavior, from anyone, is simply “Not Okay”.

American Movie Company, which is proud to have women in high positions, felt a personal attachment to the project. Several women have been subjected to lewd comments and unwanted attention at least once in their lifetime. When contacted by Patricia Beaury, from Tangerine Entertainment, the team was excited to help and donated equipment and provided labor. Parm Girn, senior producer at American Movie Company, organized Arie Ohayon, American Movie Company’s senior DP and his production team, to be on set and make sure that the best possible service is provided.

Once published, the video went on to appear on copious online news outlets and websites, including, IndieWire, Huffington Post and Hollywood Reporter. The video received 3.4M views and was shared 64K times on Facebook alone.

American Movie Company is continuing to work with Tanya Selvaratnam (Filmmakers for Hillary, founder), Amy Hobby and Mikaela Beardsley, producers of the #NotOkay video, to create more content to empower women and call out the many injustices towards different members of our society. The company is dedicated to empowering creative, intelligent women in the film industry. Its main office, located in SoHo, is entirely run by women.

American Movie Company and its subsidiary,, offer a variety of video production services across the nation, including green screen studios, teleprompter rentals, and WebCasting. Central offices are located in NYC, LA and Miami. They have been involved in high profile location shoots including Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones and Lucky Number Slevin, to name a few.

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